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                                      sneaky cup of tea John?

Decembers  Winner !!

John Charnock




Pembrokeshire Woodturners meeting 9th December 2010


A well attended meeting at Pembroke 21c's Foundry House saw members enjoy a "hands on" session with three lathes in action.  Peter  in the right hand corner of the hall demonstrated and answered questions relating to natural edge work and talked to members about tool handling.  Gerald in the centre position helped guests and prospective new members with the basics of lathe work, while John in the left corner did some reverse chucking on a roughed out lime bowl to refine the outside, then reversing it to finish the inside using the Rolly Munro.  Alan then did a great job of demonstrating and answering questions on finishing the bowl with his Beal polishing system.

In my opinion our best  club night ever, with everyone involved. 


The Girls did their half time refreshments, with mince pies, tea and coffee.  Much appreciated thank you.


This months challenge, a Christmas ornament was won by John Charnock with his array of Bells in various woods.  I must  congratulate all members on the standard of their competition ornaments, it goes to prove how much we have improved over the past year or so since the club was formed.


An invitation to do some Turning and sell some of our work has been confirmed by the organiser of the Wood festival at The National Botanic Garden, those members interested in attending please get in touch with John B.  Dates 22nd 23rd January 2011.


Next Meeting in January, venue and date to be confirmed as Pembroke 21c's hall will not be available due to building works. Watch this space.


Regards and Best Wishes for a very Happy Christmas, a Healthy and Prosperous 2011.


John Blake


Secretaries notes of meeting 9th December 10


This month we had 21 present including some prospective members.

This months meeting was a hands on meeting with demonstrations of:

-                  Jam chucks

-                  Texturing

-                  Spindle turning honey drizzler, now called parallel grain turning.

-                  Faceplate turning, now called cross grain turning.


John Charnock won this months competition with a collection of Christmas Bells.


Competition for next month

The competition piece for next meeting is any item made from a single piece of wood.


Next Meeting 12th January 11


The venue for the next meeting is Lamphey Church Hall, an interesting meeting with Leigh Rihan turning thin.



Congratulations to our honoree member George Foweraker on his recent acceptance  in to the Worshipful Company of Turners!!


 Well deserved im sure   


                  Mark Hancock at work

                Before                                After

                                                A display of members work        


Notes from our events Manager


Our first full day demo was a great success. One of the best I have been to and as good as any AWGB event. Congratulations to all involved especially Eddie who works away quietly in support of the club, Mary and Sonia, who were assisted by Jean. Success only comes with the support of our wives..


The event was well attended by a lot of first timers to the club and this was a little surprising given our member base already.


With a lot of different levels of skill in the packed audience, Mark's presentation was spot on, and he was able to talk about the history of the art that has created todays level of excellence.


The venue was ideal. The provision of the seperate room to eat and the excellent kitchen was brilliant. Just to get away from the main room for half an hour ish was ideal.


Arranging a venue and organising the visiting turner are pretty easy in comparision to what actually has to happen. Just look at the number of people who helped to tidy up. I had no idea who some of them where. They obviously enjoyed the day.

November Meeting pics

       Chairman John in the groove                      Our new Variable speed lathe

      This weeks entries A selection of "pairs"

Notes of meeting 11th November 10


This month we had twelve present, including four prospective members.


This months meeting was a “members night” where anyone could try something new. John Blake and Peter Einig assisted the new members to get away to a safe start and Alan Carrier brought a very impressive polishing system for existing members to view.


Eddie Eddison won this month’s competition with an impressive pair of matching eggcups


Competition for next month

The competition piece for next meeting is a Christmas decoration, can be a tree or table decoration.


Next Meeting 9th December 2010


The venue for the next meeting is back to the FOUNDRY HOUSE, Commons Road, Pembroke usual time, the theme of the meeting will be relaxed with some turning (perhaps the quickest eggcup in the west !!) followed by a quiz or something.

Novembers  Winner !!

Eddie 2 "d" s Eddison


Invitation to join Pembrokeshire Woodturners


Demonstration by Mark Hancock

13th November 2010

09-30 to 16-30

Lamphey Village Hall


Mark will be giving a daylong presentation making a legged vessel and a rocking vessel that will cover among other things techniques for hollowing, carving, colouring and ebonising. This is an excellent opportunity to see and talk to an internationally renowned wood turner.

For an example of his work see Mark’s website


The cost for the day is £7-50, which includes tea or coffee refreshments.


Lunchtime food can be obtained from the Dial Inn opposite the hall or we have limited menu of Chilli with Jacket Potato or Pasta Bake prepared by some of our ladies. We will have to have numbers for people requiring our food prior to the day, should you require our food then this would be an extra £4-50 (£12 for the day)


Please advise if you are intending to come by e-mail to the secretary     john.charnock@tiscali.co.uk.


Directions to Lamphey Village Hall:

1                Travel to Pembroke, most people will approach from Carmarthen on the A4075.

2                Lamphey is the left turn at the mini roundabout signed Lamphey A4139.

3                After approx 2 miles you enter Lamphey.

4                After 200 yards the main road turns sharp right, ignore that and go straight on.

5                After 300 yards the village hall is on the right.




Secretary Notes of meeting 14th October 10


This month we had seventeen present, including three prospective members.


The demonstration this month was making useful kitchen utensils given by our events organiser Peter.

He went through the processes to produce a meat tenderiser and a bottle coaster before handing the lathe to our chairman John who demonstrated the use of a skew chisel without losing fingers.


Rob Barker won this month’s competition again (yawn) with a fairly tidy food scoop, this time without captive rings!


Competition for next month

The competition / challenge for the next meeting is to produce a matching pair of egg cups suitable for a large size hens egg.


Next Meeting 11th November 2010

Will be a “members” night with open discussion of problems, techniques and use of tools causing problems etc.


Things to remember.

Mark Hancock demonstration on 13th November in Lamphey village hall, starting at 09-30. Ask all your friends to attend and it should be a good day.

Remember give numbers requiring food no later than the next meeting and before if possible.

There is also the pub.



Report on October meeting Foundry House


A well attended meeting of the club was held on Thursday 9th October when members watched Peter our Events Manager demonstrate spindle and faceplate turning on the club lathe.  Peter made a meat tenderiser and a small bowl explaining while working which were his tools of choice and the techniques used for each operation. Our thanks to Peter.  Refreshments were again supplied by Mary and Sonya (great cakes!) thank you.


This months challenge was a wooden scoop, (see pictures of the entries) there is a marked improvement in the standard of turning, due I hope to the influence the club is having on members ability to finish work to a higher level. Well done to all who made Scoops.  


The Scoop considered by members to be the best was made by Rob Barker (no captive rings on this one)


Members were reminded that Mark Hancock will be our guest turner at the all day demo on Saturday 13th November at Lamphey village hall starting at 9.30am and continuing until 4.30pm. We welcome members of other clubs to join us for what will be a very interesting day, also anyone interested in woodturning.  Refreshments will be available.


Next months challenge is a pair of egg cups.


Regards John Blake

PS Eddie has at last been found !

Rob (the ring) Barker

Picton Castle pics

Windy Saturday

Running repairs..after 2 minutes


Saturday 2nd October 2010


The weather forecast was dubious for our day at Picton Castle where the Club had been invited to demonstrate and sell some of our Turnings, but as often happens in this part of Wales the forecasters normally get some part of the forecast wrong.

The day did not turn out to be wet as predicted, but, were they right about the wind!  We arrived at our pitch about 9.00am to find Bert of the large right leg (due to driving his pole lathe with it) already setting up, we being John C, John B, and my Brother-in-Law Patrick from Somerset who was press ganged to help out because 2d's Eddie had come across tickets to the Ryder Cup (Jammie sod ) and thought his support for the Europeans would indeed be the deciding factor, could not be with us.  We started setting up, soon being joined by he of the money box, our Treasurer, Jerome K.  Our first mistake was to try hang gliding with the Gasebo, owing of course to the windy conditions; it took off coming to rest over a wall which was behind our pitch.  Coming to the rescue with ropes, wood and Jerome's spare wheel to act as an anchor the Gazebo was erected.  Additional ropes securing it to the holes at the bottom of the wall.  Next was the task of setting out the table to display our turnings, the table covering being difficult to keep in place as can be imagined with such a wind.  Eventually we succeeded and our stall was complete, the lathe set up, the generator started and demos began about 10.30 with the arrival of the first paying visitors.  Wood chips from our turnings were carried off on the wind, so not much clearing up to do, although one disadvantage, some found their way towards Bert, which curtailed his Pole lathing while the power lathe was used, (think his leg was getting tired)   We had quite a few interested people, some who now intend to join us at our next meeting, also other club members who made themselves known.  Sales were quite poor considering the venue and the advertising effort the organisers had put in, I think due to the forecast and the cold wind. 

We continued demonstrating and manning the stand until 4.00pm by which time we were all very cold, it was then decided to pack up and leave the gear in the safety of the Castle vaults ready for Jerome and Rob to continue on Sunday.


Thank you to Picton Castle for the chance to show our Club at their Country Fair, Please can we have a pitch inside next time.


John Blake Chairman 


Lonely Sunday

Has any body here seen eddie?

Still no eddie                           


Sundays forecast was horrendous so sadly there weren’t many people around. As it turned out it was mostly a lovely day and if Rob didn’t have a new smock to show off he would have been in shirt sleeves. We had an enjoyable day turning and chatting to the friendly passers bye.

The spot by the main entrance was great, shaded and calm (after we sneaked our mains lead into the back of the restaurant kitchen). We managed to produce a sizable pile of shaving

We decided to do mostly between centre turning after 3 or 4 tests of the Perspex Safety Sheet (just to check it worked). Treasurer has decided to buy some better jaws for the chuck!!

We managed to produce a sizable pile of shavings and 1 or 2 bits of round wood to the delight of the passers bye. On site expert today was Rob Barker.

We sold a few pens and a bowl to help towards club funds. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable day.


Jerome Kelleher


Lovely display..

Ps has anyone seen Eddie?


Notes of meeting 9th September 10


This month we had eleven present, including two prospective members.


The demonstration this month was Pen making by club members Jerome and Rob. The first demo was a retractable pen made by Rob narrated at each step by Jerome.

The second demo was a “Bic” style pen made by Jerome; this included the world’s first public use of a Skew Chisel by Jerome. This world exclusive went without incident but did highlight Jerome’s extensive travel; his technique is apparently American as he used the Skew above the centre point rather than the British technique on the centre.


Bert Alexius won this month’s competition, a Mallet.


Competition for next month

The competition / challenge for the next meeting is to produce a kitchen/ food scoop which can be for any purpose.


Next Meeting 14th October 2010.

Peter Einig will be demonstrating turning of kitchen items using a variety of techniques



Things to remember.

Picton Castle Country fair, Sat and Sun 2nd and 3rd October with set up on Friday. Volunteers needed to man the stall and lathe for a day stint please call John Blake if you can assist.

Septembers  Winner !!

Bert Alexius

Yandles Report 



Report on visit to Yandles show 10th and 11th September 2010


Never having been to any of the Yandle shows I did not know for sure what to expect.  I had heard from others that it was a great place to see demo's of different turning techniques by many of the country's finest woodturners and to see a fantastic array of timber from all corners of the globe, together with a huge collection of machines and tools to make your mouth water.  I can assure you that having spent a full day there it is an experience not to be missed.  I travelled down to Martock on Thursday with HHMBO, a distance of some 190 miles from Pembroke, stayed on a great little caravan park called "Southfork" which happened to be about 3/4 mile from Yandles.  We managed to arrive at Yandles just after 9.00am and shown to a free car park, even the entry to the show is free.  First off entered to machine hall where it would have been possible to find almost any woodworking machine type and many well known manufacturers (see picture) I was impressed by the holiday type atmosphere of the staff manning the stands and their helpfulness.  Next into the woodstore, no woodstores as they seemed to go on and on, a great selection of all types and sizes of timber blanks to planks offcuts at bargain prices to huge slabs of Burr oak at many hundreds of pounds.  On to the next marquee where demos from pen making to thread cutting, large bowl turning to textured work was going on all day.  Also in this marque was the AWGB stand, Martin Lawrence had time to chat about the scout badge and the AWGB involvement.  HHMBO suggested a look around the craft section, beads, cards, painting, sewing ,knitting, while quite interesting and it has to be said a vast array of products, not quite my cup of tea.  The toolshed was and there we headed next, there Yandles have packed in a huge amount of gear, hand tools, electric tools, finishing products polish etc, project kits for clocks and pens, barometers, you name it, it's there.  I must say my wallet was a little thinner by the end of the day, but the vehicle was quite full with wood and just a few tools.  Leaving the carpark which was at 5.00pm a little less busy than earlier, it was just a five minute trip along a country lane back to the caravan park for a rest.  A great day out, can't wait to try the new tools. If you can make Yandles spring show, do you will not be disappointed.


Regards John Blake


August Meeting Pictures

                   THE Master at work

Apprentice Bodgers

This months entries

Augusts  Winner !!




Report on Pembrokeshire Woodturners Demo by Bert Alexius 12th August 2010


Our thanks to Bert for bringing his Pole Lathe and Work Horse to the meeting on Thursday.


Bert explained the need for using freshly cut wood Ash or preferably Sycamore.  Useful size was about 8-10 inches in diameter which is then cleaved into quarters.  While still green these are held in the horse while draw knives are used to create an almost round section.  This process helps when the wood is mounted on the Pole Lathe between centres and the drive rope attached.  It was impressive the way Bert was able to shape the wood with his gouge, holding it still on the rest while pumping the pedal up and down with his foot, some co-ordination that !!  Many members who tried out the lathe themselves found it to be more difficult than expected and mutterings were heard that if a Pole Lathe was the only option for turning, a seat in front of the tele would be prime choice !!  Thank you Bert for a great demo.

Tea, Coffee and cakes were again provided by Mary and Sonya, Thank you.

The club challenge this month was a Spurtle or porridge stirrer, the pictures in this section show the examples made by members. Some discussion was had regarding food safe finishes and shapes which could harbour bacteria.  A vote was take to select the best example and this had been made by our treasurer ( he of the "haven’t got any grit above 120" ) Jerome Kelleher.  Well done Jerome. 

All in all an excellent club night.  Next months challenge, a Mallet made from two parts joined together to be used for any practical use.

Thanks to all members who contributed to a great evening.


John Blake



Secretary Notes of meeting 12th August 10


Fourteen members attended today’s meeting.

Apology received from Haydn Bateman


This meeting was a demonstration by our very own Bert Elexius who brought his pole lathe. This lathe is a “modern development” which utilises bungee ropes normally found on car roof racks as the motive power for the return stroke. Bert explained his interest in working green wood and pole lathes was fuelled when he obtained the book “Green Woodwork” by Mike Abbott.

Many members tried their hand with the lathe; some even had enough breath afterwards to speak.


This month’s competition winner, our Treasurer Jerome with a superb Spurtle.


 Next Meeting 9th September 2010.


The next demonstration is Pen making by Jerome and Rob.


The competition / challenge for the next meeting is to produce a Mallet which can be for any purpose.



 Things to remember.


 Yandles show (Friday 10th and Sat 11th September), give names to John C who will determine if Llanelli club have any space in their bus for the trip.


Picton Castle Country fair, Sat and Sun 2nd and 3rd October with set up on Friday. Volunteers needed to man the stall and lathe for a day stint.


Pembroke Show Pictures

      Joined up writing                                 Still Selling

                 Hard at work                               Close examination

     Peter in his new hat                                                Windy wood turners

 People Hooray!!!!                                    Top sales Eddie (2 d's)



Notes on Pembroke farmers show 4th August 2010


Pembrokeshire Woodturners attended the show held at Lamphey.  A stand was manned by members where turned item were sold.  The stand consisted of two 3m x 3m gazebo's joined together and had two tables for selling and some club advertising plus an area where members demonstrated on the clubs Jet lathe.  Because we were away from any mains power a generator was used to power the lathe, this proved to be ideal.  


The weather didn't help, wet and very windy during the morning and early afternoon when at times members  were seen to be hanging on to the two gazebo's to prevent the club converting to hang gliding.  It also subdued expected sales, but never the less funds were made towards club finances.


Members present were Eddie Eddison who once again sold like a market trader,  Bert Alexius, Peter Einig, John Charnock who by the way won a prize in the craft section of the show with his Bull Rushes made from Iroko in a vase turned from Ash, well done John.  Myself, wife Sonya and Mary Eddison who split her time between the scouts tent and ours.  Jerome our treasurer,Rob Barker and Alan Carrier sent their apologise because of work commitments .


Once again thanks to members who helped out on the day, and those who donated items for sale.


John Blake


All in all a good day was had and I would urge all members to come to these shows, there is a lot of fun to be had.


Don't forget our next meeting Bert Alexius on his pole lathe Thursday 12th August 7.30 pm see you there.



Julys Pictures

                     Martins works

                                        Attentive crowd

                                             This months entries


Notes of meeting 8th July 10


Fourteen members attended today’s meeting.


This meeting was a demonstration by Martin Brockington from Carmarthenshire who demonstrated Lace bobbin manufacture and 1/12th turning by producing a small goblet. For this he used a lathe specially produced for him to give higher speeds necessary for the small diameters he uses. Quite a lot of the wood he uses for his work is Beech obtained by cutting up old folding seats no longer desired by some organisations.


This month’s competition winner, our Chairman John Blake won the competition for the most impressive foot massager, we understand Sonya’s feet are all the better for it.


 Next Meeting 12th August 2010.


The competition / challenge for the next meeting is to produce a Spurtle (fancy stirring stick popular in Scotland for stirring porridge).

Pembrokeshire Woodturners Meeting Thursday 8th July 2010


Those present at the meeting were given an excellent demonstration of lace bobbin and 12th scale wood turning by Martin Brockington. Martin started by turning a lace bobbin on his modified Vimarc lathe which he told us would exceed 5000 RPM and was needed when turning such small and delicate items. He also showed us the tools he used for such delicate cuts some he had made himself from "Obo" mails. Peter our events director had arranged to have a tv coupled to a video camera trained on Martins work so members to see the gouge and skew chisel movements on a large screen.  Tea, Coffee and cakes were provded as ever by Mary and Sonya while members chatted to Martin and inspected a variety of turned bobbins and 12th scale turnings he had brought to the meeting.  The raffle saw winners including our treasurer who selected the 400 grit sanding discs, a surprise to many!!!!!

Martin then set about creating a minute goblet about 5mm high x 3mm wide, yes you did read that correctly.  Many members thought they may take up this type of turning, as can be appreciated small turnings mean less wood chips and dust, less clearing up in the workshop and less to fork out on wood in these economic times.

Martin finished his demo with a question and answer discussion. Photos of the Martins Demo can be seen in our pictures section.

Competition this month was to Turn a foot massager from plans in the Phil Irons 2 in 1 manual, see entries and winner in our picture section of the website.

The meeting was told about the forthcoming Pembroke Farmers show at Lamphey on the 4th August and were asked to help run our stand where we will be selling items and demonstrating.  Also wanted are items to sell, please let John B, Jerome, JohnC or Peter have any you wish to have included in the sale by 3rd August.

Our next meeting  will see Bert Alexius showing us how to turn on his Pole Lathe, a real contrast to this evenings demo.

Thanks again to Martin Brockington and to all members who helped with setting up a great evening.


John Blake 



Julys  Winner !!

 John (Chairman) Blake 


Pembroke Festival Pictures


                                       Top sales Team

         At least someone is working                  Deep discussions                      Operational support vehicle


Pembroke Festival, South Quay, Pembroke Saturday 3rd July 2010


Pembrokeshire Woodturners were present at the Pembroke Festival where members sold some of their turnings and demonstrated with the club lathe.

It was good to be involved in the Towns celebrations which coincided with the arrival of many of the Seafare boats that had made the trip up the Pembroke river and moored alongside pontoons in the Castle Pond, a colourfull site it was too.  A great deal of interest was generated by doing our demo's with at times 15 to 20 interested people watching members making goblets, bowls and fruit.  I have to mention the town band, their music was great to listen too whilst turning.

Our thanks to the organisers of Pembroke Festival especially Gareth, for the use of a table and electricity to run the lathe. Thanks also to Jerome for transporting the equipment, Peter for the safety audit and testing the electrical gear, John, Llew and head salesman Eddie who stayed selling all day even though the world cup was on the tv and all members who donated their turnings for the sale.

John Blake


June Meeting Pictures


Notes of meeting 10th June 10


Eleven members attended today’s meeting including two new members, Dougie King and Gerald Gardiner


This week there were two demonstrations, deep bowl turning presented by our Chairman John Blake and shallow bowl turning by our Events manager Peter Einig.


This month’s competition winner was Eddie Eddison (2 d's)  who produced a fantastic bangle (now in his wife’s jewellery box)

Both demonstrations generated discussion among the members especially their differing views on the best tool for the job!



 Next Meeting 8th July 2010.


The competition for the next meeting is a Foot massager.


Junes  Winner !!

 Eddie (2 d's) Eddison  


    Newly Elected Commitee

     John Blake             John Charnock             Jerome Kelleher

              Chairman                               Secretary                                      Treasurer






Chairmans report of General Meeting of The Pembrokeshire Woodturners held on 13th May 2010 at Foundry House, Orange Way, Pembroke.


The general meeting had been called to elect a committee and the ratify the clubs constitution. 


In October when we first started the Pembrokeshire Woodturners it was agreed that an interim committee be formed to steer the club for a period of 6 months, thus giving time to formulate a constitution and to facilitate joining the AWGB. The committee elected were myself as chairman, Jerome Kelleher as treasurer and John Charnock as secretary.


At the meeting on Thursday May 13th, I gave my report, a copy of which is available from me if any member not present at the meeting would like one.  Our Treasurer Jerome gave his report on the finances, again if any member not present needs a copy please contact Jerome.  John our secretary then outlined the proposed constitution as advised by the AWGB. After some discussion all members present voted in favour of adopting it in full.


Members then elected the present interim committee members to continue in their rolls in line with the new constitution. Members also elected Peter Aeinig to be the clubs "Events Officer" and I am sure we would all like to welcome Peter to that post. Peter's first input in that post was to decide that the June project/competition would be a "Bracelet" turned in any wood with any decoration, but taking into consideration the finish as they are worn next to skin.


The treasurer then talked about club membership fees and after some dicussion an annual membership subcription was adopted by all members present of Thirty Pounds. 


Any other business period followed where members raised various issues.


The formal meeting then ended and refreshments were taken.  Our thanks to Mary and Sonya for the cakes, delicious as always, tea and coffee.


There followed a "hands on" the lathe, mainly tackling the tricky skew until the dusting and brush up crew got to work. (I wonder if they do it at home?)


John Blake

Chairman Pembrokeshire Woodturners


Pembrokeshire Woodturners


Notes of AGM 13th May 10, 7-30pm



Apologies received from Jacob Humphries and Andrew Scott.



Attendance was 12 members including the Committee and 2 prospective members.


Chairman’s Report

John Blake gave a brief overview of the happenings since the club was formed last October.

The present committee was brought together at that time to serve an initial 6 months period up to this first General Meeting.

We started with 10 people and now have a membership of over 20 all of who are also members of the AWGB.


Treasurers Report

Jerome Kelleher detailed the fund raising and monthly subscription income that has given us now £189-50 in the kitty.


Proposed Constitution

The secretary John Charnock presented the proposed Constitution, there was some discussion regarding the period for Committee members holding office. It was agreed that the Constitution as presented would enable a secure handover within the rules of the AWGB to which we are affiliated.

Peter Einig proposed adoption of the document as presented; this was seconded by Myrddin Pynn and accepted unanimously.


Election of Committee

A proposal that the present Committee stand for election was presented by Peter Einig seconded by David Robinson and carried unanimously.


John Blake proposed Peter Einig as Events Manager seconded by Myrddin Pynn and carried unanimously.



Jerome identified the problem of collecting subs. and the varying income from meeting to meeting. To overcome this he proposed an annual subscription payable in June, 6 months after the AWGB subs. After some discussion regarding the level of subscription a figure of £30 per annum was proposed by Myrddin, seconded by Rob Barker and adopted unanimously.


There being no other formal business, the meeting closed 8-45 pm.


Bert Alexius won the monthly competition with a Laburnum box.

Next months competition is a Bangle.


Mays  Winner !!

 Bert Alexius's Pot 


What still no Rob...

Haverfordwest Library Display

Marathon results. 3hours 45mins

Congrats to Rob on great run


21c C Seedy Sale 10/04/2010

A lot of interest from the ladies


Report on "Seedy Saturday" at Pembroke 21c 10th April 2010


Pembrokeshire Woodturners attended the event at Foundry House, where a table dislaying members work for sale attracted interest and members demonstrated turning outside in the gloriuos sunshine.  That same sunshine, I'm afraid attracted people to do other things and attendance was poor.  On the bright side members who helped enjoyed some fun time on the lathe and were able to introduce visitors to their first experience of turning.  Many of those who "had a go" said they would perhaps like to attend our club nights in future with a view to taking up the art.


We also sold 50 quids worth of turnings for club funds.  My thanks got to Mary and Sonya for manning the table while the guy's played on the lathe, to Jerome for helping set up in the morning, Eddie for his blanks, Alan and Bert who each kept the lathe turning for a while and Peter for giving novices instruction and helping clear away after the event. Thanks also to all members who donated turnings for the sale.  Sorry we were not able to sell too many. Items donated but unsold will be available at our next meeting 13th May 2010, unless you need them sooner in which case give me a call to arrange collection.


Best regards

John Blake

Chairman Pembrokeshire Woodturners



          Eddie Eddison showing the            Leigh can turn an egg faster than  

            Tormec sharpening system                               you can boil one!!!

                                    Mark and peter solve a problem

                        Aprils Winner !! John Blake

                   What still no Rob...




Meeting of Pembrokeshire Woodturners 8th April 2010


At our meeting on Thursday 8th April 18 members attended together with 3 prospective new members, our Secretary is away so I'm doing the report.


A general discussion regarding the Saturday table sale and demo at Pembroke 21c several members volunteered their time to man the table and to do some turning.  The event starts at 10am and finishes at 4.00pm some members brought items for sale on our table, thank you !


Jerome our Treasurer informed the meeting we have paid for the new lathe and have a hundred pounds in funds excluding subs due this evening. Jerome also told the meeting about the plans to exhibit members work at the County Library in Haverfordwest during May.  The meeting was reminded that the AGM will be held on the 13th May 2010  the date for our next meeting and that the secretary will be sending members a copy of the proposed contitution and an agenda.  It was decided that the competition for next month is a lidded box. There being nothing else to report the members got to use the clubs new lathe and were shown the Tormec sharpening system by Eddie, a few members who brought tools went away with them quite a bit sharper.


There were 10 entries for the months competition which was for a natural edge,  members voted for the winner which I was pleased to say was mine, I really didn't bribe anyone !


Thanks again to Mary and Sonya for the wonderfull cakes which we all enjoyed at half time along with the coffee and tea. Thank you Eddie for demo of the Tormec, thanks also to everyone who helped clear up the shavings and pack the tools away.


See you all soon, good turning,


John Blake


Pictures from March meeting


  Our Very  Own Lathe                        Peter Aeinig

                                                                                with some basic techniques

                                                                         March's Winner !! 

                                                                    Haydn Bateman



                 March  Competition                                                  Entries                                                                                                      What no Rob...

                    (a coloured and or textured item)



Notes of meeting 11th March 2010


Seventeen members attended today’s meeting.


Peter Einig gave a very interesting talk covering “budget turning” explaining how the careful selection of tools and protective equipment can lead to enjoyable turning without spending a fortune.

Peter also demonstrated spindle and bowl turning.


Haydn Bateman won this month’s competition with a fine textured and coloured candlestick.


The competition piece for the next meeting is a  bowl with a natural edge.

 Next Meeting 8th April 2010.


Theme for the meeting:-  Hands on the New Lathe (Bring a tool)

                                           Sharpening  (Eddie Eddison)



Please remember to bring a piece of your work to be displayed in the Library at Haverfordwest during May.  Please mark your piece with your name and a price to be sold. 

You can let Jerome know what percentage of the sale price you wish to contribute to your Clubs funds if the item is sold.


Table top sale at Foundry House Saturday 10th April 12.30pm till 4.30pm. Pembrokeshire Woodturners have a table for this event, again let Jerome or John have your Turnings with your name a price for sale and what percentage of the sale price you wish to contribute to your Clubs funds if your item sells. Last sale we took over 50 pounds.  Wanted members to man the table. We have 21c's approval to do someTurning at this event. 


Pictures from Februaries meeting with George Forewaker

Februarys Winner !! Alan Carrier

Sorry Rob...

Other entries


Notes of meeting 11th February


Nineteen members attended today’s meeting.


George Foweraker was our guest demonstrator and demonstrated several techniques on texturing and colouring, members learned a great deal and all had an enjoyable evening.

George lives in Somerset and travelled a long way to demonstrate his techniques and being a new club George generously volunteered his time and expenses at no cost to the club, in recognition of this he was made an Honorary Member.


 Next Meeting 11th March 2010.


No demonstration for the next meeting so members to bring along any turning tools which are unusual for discussion.


The month’s competition is a coloured and textured item.





Wood Craft Fair ADvert

Toy-makers, wood-turners and lovespoon-carvers are taking over the Great Glasshouse for a weekend of demonstrations and displays at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

The Garden’s Wood Craft Weekend takes place on Saturday and Sunday (January 23-24) – and admission is FREE.

Organiser (and exhibitor) Les Bryan said there will be lots to interest visitors: “It is a real treat to see carvers and turners in action. We have prestigious organisations like the British Woodcarvers’ Association and Tycroes Woodturning Club as well as some of South Wales’ best practitioners such as Swansea’s Tony Martin and his lovespoons; Mike Prankerd, from the Gower; and toy-maker John Allen.”

The event, which all takes place under cover in Lord Foster’s stunning Great Glasshouse, is open from 10am-4pm both days

For more information, phone 01558 668768 or go to gardenofwales.org.uk

Report from the fair by our roving reporter Rob Barker

    Went up to the Botanic gardens to the Wood show today, the wood show was in the main glasshouse and was very good, there were quite a few exhibits featuring woodcarvers mostly making lovespoons all of which were to a very high standard, there was stalls selling handmade toys , rustic furniture and wildlife/bird boxes,rustic items being made with traditional tools like draw knives etc...   A few woodturning stands and demonstrations  from different clubs like Ty Croes woodturners who were selling items like turning consumables and project kits and also items made by their approx 40 members plus giving demonstrtions on about four different tables themselves .

         By one woodturner named Les there was a very nice collection of spinning wheels made to a very high standard and by another craftsman more rustic made themed chairs like The Golf chair and The Snooker Chair to name but a few.


         It was a very nice way to spend a sunny but cold day at a beautiful setting, perhaps in the future we could have the Pembrokeshire Woodturners demo and stall !!!


Januarys Winner !! Rob Barker (again)


Notes of meeting 14th January 10



Eighteen people attended today’s meeting including 7 new, which is most encouraging.


 A proposed club Constitution was circulated for members to consider, a future meeting will be arranged to discuss this and other matters necessary for the smooth running of the club as we develop.


The “guest speaker” was Jacob Humphries a professionalwoodworking member of our club (Uniquework of Pembroke), who gave an informative talk covering the cutting and seasoning of wood. This developed into an exchange of views covering the different experiences of a wide range of members.


This months turning competition was won by Rob Barker (again) with an excellent babies rattle with captive rings. (At this moment a covert team is being assembled to disable his lathe)


The competition for February will be a Gavel.  The winning entry will become the clubs official meeting call to order.




Next Meeting: 11th February 2010


Our guest will be George Foweraker who is a turner, he comes from Somerset.






Hello Pembrokeshire Woodturners,



How good was it to have some sunshine today, Sunday 17th Jan, after the white out and cold of the previous week.  As you all know we had to postpone George Foweraker's demonstration at our last Thursday's meeting and I have arranged for him to visit us on our next meeting which will be Feb 11th at Foundry House, Pembroke.  Please make every effort to attend, that applies to non members too, it should be a memorable evening.



Our thanks to Jake Humphries who agreed at very short notice to give a talk on Timber Technology, which prompted a good deal of discussion amongst members who expressed their many preferences for preparing and treating wood for their turning projects.  Some members expressed a like to take "green" timber and rough turn to shape before setting them aside and allowing the wood to slowly dry for a good time before finish turning and applying a chosen finish.  A few liked ready seasoned timber and prepared blanks available at outlets like "Timberman" near Carmarthen, where Brian and his staff are always very helpfull.  Thanks again Jake for for your efforts.



I must say that on arrival at the meeting on Thursday I was pleasantly surprised to see seven new faces gathered around, you are all most welcome and hope you will enjoy our future meetings.



At our December meeting, application forms were handed out for membership of the AWGB and we asked that they be completed and brought to our January meeting, along with subscriptions.  I am happy to say we have a total of 18 who paid their subscritions and Jerome, our Treasurer has already sent off the forms and payment to AWGB.  We should have our membership cards etc soon, we will then be covered by the terms of the AWGB insurance plus all the other benefits.  Take a look at their website, a link can be found on our home page.



Our competition this month was to make something out of the "green" Laurel that Jerome brought in in December.  Some very tidy articles were judged by Leigh Rihan, who is a professional woodturner from West Pembrokeshire. He kindly offered (after a little pressure) to judge the turnings. After a critique on each item Leigh judged that Rob Barker's Rattle with captive rings was a worthy winner, with Eddie Eddisons Goblet a close second. 



Look out on the Pembrokeshire Woodturners web site for details of February's challenge.



Our Secretary, John Charnock has drawn up a  proposed constitution for the club drawn from parts of the Bristol and Avon Woodturners club, copies of which were handed around at our last meeting. Please read them through and give us your opinion.



Thanks again to Mary and Sonya for providing tea, coffee and cakes.



In the meantime Happy Turning, see you on the 11th February 7.30pm, Foundry House.



John Blake, Chairman, Pembrokeshire Woodturners.


Decembers Winner !! Llew with his bell




Notes of meeting 17th December 09


Ten members attended today’s meeting.


The meeting opened with a brief update of the craft table entered for the Foundry open afternoon. Very few members of the public attended but several items sold to the other stallholders, which saved the day, the outcome being: -

Items sold raised £57.

Table cost £5

Club funds now stand at £82.


The main part of the meeting was a detailed description of The Association of Woodturners of Great Britain  (AWGB) and the benefits of joining that association given by Martin Lawrence who is the South Regional Representative.


The benefits described include:

A member’s workshop insurance scheme.

A member’s discount scheme from various trades.

Member’s development through regional courses and seminars.

Quarterly magazine.

Grants for training.

More details available at the AWGB website www.woodturners.co.uk


Membership costs:

Individual      £16

Family          £26

Junior           £8

Anyone can join as an individual but all members of a club have to be members for that club to be affiliated to the Association.


Llew Rogers from Thomas Chapel won the competition judged by Martin Lawrence, a turned Christmas Bell.




Next Meeting: 14th January 2010


George Foweraker is a turner who will be demonstrating, he comes from Somerset.

December Meeting


Thanks to all members who came to our December meeting where we were addressed by Martin Lawrence of the AWGB. He explained the merits of Pembrokeshire Woodturners becoming affiliated or associate members of the AWGB and also gave us ideas on the type of activities we should be doing at club meetings and how to raise funds. Martin was tasked with judging our Christmas ornament competition giving a critique on each entry, the winner on the night was Llew Rogers with a superb bell.  Im sure we would all like to thank Martin for making the trip to Pembroke and for the information he passed on to us.  We must also thank the ladies for providing the refreshments which were much appreciated.



Next meeting will be on the 14th January 2010 at 7.30pm at Foundry House when we will have George Foweraker demonstrating his skill on the lathe. Non members are very welcome to come along to watch a master at work.  The cost to non members for the evening will be 4 pounds to include tea or coffee.



All present at the last meeting will have been offered a log of Laurel donated by our treasurer Jerome, the intention of which is to turn an object using the Laurel, anything is permited, we will ask George to select a winner.

Secratarys note


The Important ones (and me)                       Three Wise Men???

Despite a very disapointing customer attendance we still managed to raise £52.50 for our funds with a fine display of bowls, Christmas ornaments and various other pieces. 


Notes of meeting 12th November 09


Ten members attended today’s meeting.


All enjoyed a demonstration of tool sharpening by John Blake and Eddie Eddison using the Tormec system.


Following the meeting a short period of arm-twisting and thumbscrews produced an interim committee:


Chairman      John Blake

Treasurer      Jerome Kelleher

Secretary      John Charnock               


Monthly charges were agreed at £2 kitty and £1 raffle.

The groups name was agreed as Pembrokeshire Woodturners.

Rob Barker won this month’s competition, with a very fine goblet.   


How it all began by the Chairman



Since retiring and moving to Pembroke I have been enjoying my turning, one day mentioned to neighbour Eddie Eddison that it was an interest of mine and was surprised that not only did he enjoy the hobby but also had the same Jet 1642 lathe as I had.  We helped each other out with woodturning problems over a couple of years, learning different techniques like finishing, sharpening, etc from each other.  One day we talked about how there were no clubs or facilities nearby where our skills could be further advanced.  To that end I put an ad in the Western Telegraph in September 09 for anyone interested in Woodturning to contact me with a view to forming a club. Ten fellow turners answered the ad and we held our first meeting in October where it was decided to form Pembrokeshire Woodturners. As they say the rest is history!  

Octobers  Winner !!

 Jerome  Kelleher 

  Looking worried                          Team Rob                                             Triumphant

Other entries (Please note the Laurel log is winking!!!)


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