What happened during 2011


Decembers Pictures






Pembrokeshire Woodturners meeting 8th December 2011



The evening opened with our events organiser Peter outlining the new years program, starting with changing Januarys meeting to the 3rd Thursday, that's the 19th January, in order to be able to welcome Mark Baker the editor of the Woodturning magazine who has kindly offered to do a demonstration of his lathe skills and to gather information on the club for a possible article to be published in the magazine.  Mark will also be demonstrating at the National Botanic Gardens Wood and Craft show near Carmarthen, a show not to be missed by anyone interested in wood craft.



February meeting will be on 9th and will be a demo on natural edge turning by John our Chairman.  The club will then restart our "hands on" evenings again on 23rd for beginners and non beginners alike. 

March 8th will be pens and small craft stuff by Jon Simpson a visiting turner who will be on holiday here and has offered to do a demo.  Hands on will be on 22nd March as usual visitors new to turning are most welcome to come and have a go.



April 12th Provisional date for AGM

April 26th Hands on evening bring along your turning problems.



May 18th PROVISIONAL Master classes with Phil Irons, more detail later, watch this space!

May 19th Full day demonstration at Lamphey Village Hall by Phil Irons.



As can be seen, a busy start to 2012, but watch the web site to get more detail as and when they become available.



Our demonstrations for the evening were kicked off by Rob Barker with "Captive Ring" turning.  Rob showed his technique by first turning the shape of a rattle and then began cutting 4 captive rings explaining as he progressed the best lathe speed, which tools he used and how they were best held to minimise the risk of a catch which could break the ring.  A very interesting insight into captive ring turning which will spur other members to have a go.  Thanks Rob.



Tea, Coffee and cakes were served by Mary and Sonya, the catering side of the club is expanding with the ever growing numbers attending. Thank you ladies for your sterling effort, I know we all enjoy the cakes!!!



Ater refreshments and the raffle, lots of wood mainly supplied by Bert, thank you.  Chairman John Blake showed how to make pendants using a shop made chuck.  First the chuck was made from an Ash round roughly 100mm dia x 75mm thick this was turned to have a detachable front which had a hole slightly smaller in dia than the finished pendant which could be held and offset to turn one side.  The other side of the pendant was turned while still attached to the mother stock and then cut off prior to fitting into the chuck.  John showed how to finish the pendant using CA and boiled linseed followed by chestnut friction polish.  He suggested  using leather thonging to make the necklace part.  Another idea for members to try out in their workshops.



Hoping you all have a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous, Healthy and Happy 2012

See you on January 19th!!



November meetings 

Saturday 12th November 2011



Three days in a row, bet there are not many clubs who can boast that!!! 

Saturday was an all day demo by Mark Sanger from Dorset, a well known and respected turner who writes in the Woodturner magazine, demonstrates around the country and overseas and turns some wonderful forms.

Mark started the day by telling us the way he sources his wood, from logs which he stores outside in the open.  Told us how he cut blanks to make various turnings and how to rough out, store to best affect the seasoning process and to re-chuck to finish and polish.

First item to be demonstrated was a hollow form, to the roughing stage.  Mark suggested that it was best to hollow branch wood with concentric rings; this he told us reduced the amount of distortion in the drying process.  He made it clear that a large spigot was an advantage and that sufficient waste area was left to facilitate room to finish the bottom of the form.  He told us to think about shape and form, the rule of thirds etc.  Mark used the Crown Revolution Hollowing System which performed very well.  He also used Crown tools of various types for all of his demo.

We broke for lunch at 1.00pm Chilli Concarne on Jacket potatoes with cheese which was enjoyed by all, thanks to Mary and Sonya for their hard work in the kitchen.  On the subject have a look at George washing up!!







Friday 11th November 2011



Friday evening George Foweraker and Mark Sanger had agreed to do a Master Class for 10 members who had paid for the privilege.  There were 5 lathes set up in the hall with members paired up doing hollowing, texturing, face plate work, buffing and spindle turning.  George and Mark spent time with various members helping with techniques and making suggestions on how better to resolve tooling issues.  I know all members who attended were inspired and thought it a worthwhile evening.  Thanks again to George and Mark for a great evening.  I have to mention Eddie and Peter who took the place of our ladies in the refreshment department.  Have a look at the pictures--- Eddie washing up!!!! don't tell Mary.



Thursday 10th November 2011



On our regular club evening we were given a demo of long and narrow turning by Joe Rihan.  She is the first lady turner to demonstrate at one of our meetings and showed how to make lace bobbins, parts of which are 3mm in dia.  Although she tells us 1 in 4 she makes is a failure she has made hundreds from different types of wood.  Joe then showed us how to make Christmas decorations like wood icicles; she had brought along various different designs some with spirals.  Have a look at the pictures of Joes turning.

Our thanks to Joe for an entertaining evening, also to Mary and Sonya for the refreshments.

Novembers  Winner



Mark Sanger Demonstration at Lamphey Village Hall 12th November 2011


Pembrokeshire Woodturners are pleased to announce that we have invited Mark Sanger to demonstrate at the Lamphey Village Hall on 12th November 2011 mark is a regular contributor to The Woodturner Magazine and a very well respected international Woodturner.


The demo will start at 9.30AM a break for refreshments at 11.30AM and then continue until 1.00PM when lunch will be served in the small room next to the demo hall.  The menu will be as usual for our demo days,Chilli Concarne with jacket potato or for an alternative jacket potato with cheese or beans.  Please let a committee member know your requirements so arrangements for catering can be made.

The afternoon demo will commence at 2.00pm with a break for refreshments at 3.30pm.  The demo will finish at 5.00pm


Charges: -  Club members demo free, lunch Five pounds.  Non members and visitors from other clubs are very welcome, the charge to them being Ten Pounds.


On Friday Evening 11th November Mark Sanger has agreed along with George Foweraker to give a Master Class to Club members who are interested in improving their turning skills.  There will be 5 small lathes and working 2 to a lathe Mark and George will be able to advise and assist members with tool handling and finishing skills, or any problem they have with regard to Woodturning   This is a great opportunity to learn at first hand from experts.  The 10 places have been allocated on a first come basis and the cost per member is 20 pounds.  Some have already paid those who have not yet paid please pay Chairman John at next meeting to secure your place. The venue for the Master Class is Pembroke 21c's Foundry House and will be from 7.00pm until 10.00pm.


So, we are in for a great turning weekend, looking forward to seeing you there.


John Blake




  October's Pictures



           Liegh in full swing                                 Measuring the depth                                    Hollowing  the box                    

              We're camera shy                              An appreciative audience

                          Geralds segmented sticks                                            This months competition


Octobers Winner

Douggie King





Hands on evening Thurs 22nd Sept 2011


Hands on at Pembroke 21c with the Woodturners was centred around finishing techniques.  We started with finishing a rough turned bowl which had been dried for some time and in the course of this drying process had warped.  It was set up on a jamb chuck and held with the tail stock while the spigot was re-turned to the profile of the chuck jaws,  the outside of the bowl was then re-cut using a swept back bowl gouge with a pull cut to re-shape,then a shearing cut to finish, then sanded with 150 grit, a coat of sanding sealer applied and then when dry through the grits to 400.  Woodwax 22 was then used to bring the surface to a finish using paper towel and finally 1000 grade wire wool.  The bowl was remounted in the chuck jaws and the rim re-cut before the inside was finished with first a sharp bowl gouge and then a heavy scaper.  Sanding was with a 150 grit to start then a coat of sealer to bring up the fibres ready for the Sorbey self driven sanding pad to do it's work with grits to 400.  The inside was then polished with Chestnut friction polish used as an alternative to the woodwax.  The bowl was then re-chucked  with some paper towel between the bowls interior and the jamb chuck and the tail stock to finish the bottom with a sharp spindle gouge.  The bottom was then sanded and polish applied.

The next step was Alans "Beal system" where polishing mops on an arbour were used with different grades of burnishing polish to bring the bowl to a great finish, the sort of finish we all strive for.

In all a very instructive evening, thanks to all who participated.

Don't forget next meeting is on 13th October when we have the pleasure of watching Leigh Rihan demonstrate his "thin" turning techniques.

Competition or challenge for next meeting is to turn a pair of anything, easier said than done.

See you there,

John Blake

Septembers Pictures

A range of our best pieces

Septembers Winner's


Club Night 8th September


Club night saw Peter doing a demo on turning and joining 2 pieces to make a kitchen roll holder.  He talked about the use of tools and the need for accuracy in measuring the joining spiget and receiving hole.  In the second half of the evening after the Tea/Coffee and cakes supplied as usual by Mary and Sonya, "Thank you" Peter showed how to make table napkin rings.  The challenge table was a brilliant array of turning by club members and as can be seen in the pictures is testament to the overall improvement of members skills. The result was a tie between Dougie and Bruce and they can be seen with their turnings in the pictures accompanying this report.

It was announced that Mark Sanger will be with us at Lamphey on the 12th November 2011 where he will be demonstrating his various woodturning skills,  it was also confirmed that he and George Foweraker will be giving a master class to a maximum of 10 members on the evening before, that's Friday 11th November.  There will be a charge of 20 pounds per member for this and will be on a first come basis.  Contact the Chairman John Blake.

Secretarys notes


Notes of meeting 8th Sept 11


There were 17 members present.


This month Peter Einig covered some of the basic techniques used in turning encouraging members to discuss their developed way of doing things into the demonstration. The meeting was lively, light hearted and very instructive as we all discovered there are many ways of achieving a great end result.



This Months Competition


The theme was simply to bring any items “you were proud of.”


The voting produced joint winners with Bruce and Dough taking the accolades. The winning pieces were a natural edge bowl and a segmented candle stick.


Competition for next month


Bring along any two identical turned items, rolling pins, fruit, bowls, egg cups, candle sticks the choices are endless.


Date of next meeting


13thOctober 11, Leigh Rihan will be demonstrating his speciality of very thin turning.





We have booked Mark Sanger to give a demo in Lamphey Village Hall on Saturday 12th November, an all day event. (Free entry for club members.)

Additionally we have arranged a master class with Mark and George Foweraker for the Friday evening (11th Nov) in the Foundry House with a limited number of places available. The cost for the class is £20 to cover expenses; anyone interested should contact John Blake or Peter Einig.

Stackpole pictures


Stackpole Fun Day 10th September


We had been asked to demonstrate and to have a table selling our turnings and Stackpole National Trust arranged a marquee and power for us on the site of the once grand house which sadly is no longer there, being demolished in the late 50's.  I was told off for arriving late by Bert, John, Dougie and Gerald when Sonya and I arrived at 10.15am for the 11.00 am start. They insisted I had told the members at our last meeting to be on site at 9.30am.  I must use that one again for by the time I arrived, the stand was set up !!!

Bert had brought his pole lathe and was busy all day pumping away making dibbers, some stamina he has, lots of fresh veg from his garden he puts it down too.  (So what's wrong with Eddie he has lots of veg in his garden too??)  I digress,  the weather was ok, the marquee ok and there were quite a few visitors,  Ed and Mary arrived later as did Alan,  thanks to all who made it a great day with quite a few sales and a lot of interest from visitors.   


Picton pictures

Rainy Saturday


Picton Castle Country Fair


Saturday 3rd September bright and early Jerome and Rob arrived in Pembroke to collect the lathe and generator along with other required gear for the demo at Picton.  As it turned out it rained most of the day and there was a shortage of visitors.  But with true grit they and Bruce stuck it out until wet and cold took it's toll.  Don't think much was sold!!!

Next day Sunday started overcast but dry and the "A" team arrived to take on the challenge,  Bert, Paul, Eddie, John and Sonya.  Set up went well even though it was a long way across the grass to our pitch.  Unfortunately trouble with the generator and then the lathe speed controller forced an end to our woodturning, we then put our efforts into selling some of the turned pieces on display until the first spots of rain at about 1.30pm and the increasing wind strength forced a rapid and I mean rapid decamp.  From the Clubs point of view not a good weekend and a lesson in making sure we have power and proper weather covering supplied by the organisers of events to which we have been asked to demonstrate.

Sunny  Sunday

Pembrokeshire Woodturners will be in attendance at Picton Castle with Live Demos and sales

August Pictures

Bert On the Candlestick Trail






On Thursday 11th August the club was treated to an excellent demonstration of Candlestick turning by our own Bert Alexius.  Bert firstly showed us some fine examples of his work which can be seen in the picture section of this report.  he then started to turn a piece which he said he had got inspiration for from a porcelain candlestick he had seen on his travels. It is good to take inspiration for shapes from ceramics and pottery.  Bert had intended to mount his candlestick on a base with a mushroom but in his haste to get to the meeting had forgotten his calipers to size the base to fit the mounting hole.  Bert then made a stick from elm, one of his favourite woods and explained the use of tools he preferred.  Members present enjoyed the evening and Bert was thanked for his demonstration, which by the way was his first in public.  So again very well done Bert.


The competition for the month was an offset turning, again entries can be seen in the picture section. I along with Bob were disqualified as we had not done multiple offsets as was asked for.  However there were several multiple offset pieces and the winner judged by the members votes was our Event Manager Peter, well done.


As usual our gratitude to Mary and Sonya for the refreshments at half time amd thanks to members who supplied articles for the raffle.


Due to other commitments it was decided that attendance at the Bush Schools show on the 20th was not possible and our secretary has sent our apologise.  We have decided to commit to the fayre at Picton Castle and the Family Fun Day at Stackpole.  More about these will be posted on this site.


The Pembrokeshire Woodturners Cabinet at Stackpole is now well and truly up and running with a surprising number of sales, so we need good quality pieces to be included, get turning!!


Hands on for novice turners is as usual at 21c's Foundry House 4th Thursday of the month 7.30pm newcomers welcome and to have a go.  More experienced members needed to help with instruction and don't forget if you have a turning problem bring it along and see if anyone can help solve it.


Look forward to seeing you all soon, 


John Blake




Secretary’s notes


Notes of meeting 11th Aug 11


There were 23 members present.


This month Bert Alexius demonstrated his candle stick making skills.

Bert has many designs covering the traditional simple holders to the very decorative designs with intricate attachments.



This Months Competition


The theme was a multi axis turned item.


The winner was Peter Einig who produced a fine candle stick turned on two axes.


There was some merriment and discussion as Peter disqualified many of the entrants as they failed to turn on more than one axis. Those disqualified considered this a bit nit picky and continued to shout fix well into the night.


Competition for next month


Bring along any two items which you are pleased exhibit.


Date of next meeting

8th September 11

August Winner's

Peter Aeinig

                                                 Stackpoles display Cabinet

                                                            Alan Carriers work on Display


Chris Eagles Woodturning Demonstration

A very informative day was had by members and guests at Lamphey Village Hall on Saturday25th June when Chris Eagles gave his all day Demonstration.


The morning started with Chris going through the procedures for selecting and turning turning wet wood, recently cut.  For his demo he used some Pear wood which had been growing up until a week or so ago.  After it was cut down the middle to form 2 blanks one was mounted on the lathe between centres and the outside turned to shape using various tools, some that members had not seen before.  Chris demonstrated his version of a skew, which he said was much safer to handle than the standard.  He also let members have a go to check out his claims, I think most were going home to modify their skews.  Chris also showed us some other tecniques he uses.  After the morning coffee break Chris turned the bowl so that the inside could be removed, this time using various other tools, bowl gouges, hook tools, ring tools etc again letting members try the different types.

Just before lunch we were happy to have a visit from the Mayor and Mayoress of Pembroke and they were introduced to members. Lunch was served by Mary and Sonya and enjoyed by all present.

After lunch Chris started on a thin walled goblet again in wet wood, stressing the need for a deal of patience and a soft touch.  Using his work light to show the thickness of wood left behind he crafted a delightful thin goblet.  Then after tea Chris started to fashion a box with all the difficulty of making the tight fit to the lid so that when it was opened it "Popped" just like it should do.  Next was the use of his French off-centre chuck, this he used to show us how to turn an off centre lid for a box and how to decorate with spirals.  The day had passed so quickly and I'm sure everyone learned at least a couple of things from Chris. 

Chris was thanked and the Club invited him to become an Honorary member and join George Foweraker and Mark Hancock who have also demonstrated for us.

My thanks to everyone who helped to make the day so enjoyable and informative.  Please take time to look at the pictures of the day.



John Blake



Pembrokeshire Woodturners held their main meeting on 9th June 2011 at Foundry House where members were given a demo of square turning by Alan.  He showed his technique of turning bowl shapes in square blanks using his favourite gouges.  Always very important to make sure fingers are kept behind the tool rest, Alan stressed the need to be carefull while turning such bowls.  A very good demo enjoyed by all who attended. Refreshments, tea,coffee and home made cakes were,as always excellent and served by Mary and Sonya. Thank you.

Lamphey show Trophy was talked about and details of measurements require for the trophy were handed out.  The competition for next month is based on these so that the trophy will fit the base that John C has made, it will be interesting to see the designs this throws up. A fantastic array of hollow forms and vases for this months competition see picture, the winner chosen by members was Bruce who can be seen holding the winning vase, very well done.


The club now has a "Dolly" (a box on wheels) big enough to store our club lathes and other items.  It measures 6ft long X 4ft high X 3ft wide Pembroke 21c kindly provided the wood and sturdy caster wheels. Thank you.  John C provided the transport to and from John B's garage where it was assembled by Eddie and John B.  A really worthwhile addition to the club as now the lathes are ready for use where they are needed. 


Saturday 18th June is the official opening of 21c's Foundry House (where our meetings are held) after the re-furbishment and the club have been invited to do a demonstration of Turning and to have a table to sell our work.  It should be a good day, starts at 10.00am setting up 9.30am and goes on until 4.00pm. Please make every effort to come along and show your support.  Don't forget to bring a few tools and some wood if you want to show off your skills, also we need items for the sale table.


On Thursday 23rd it's our novice turners "hands on" evening, we have decided that as the lathes and tools are now stored at 21c Foundry House that is where all our meeting will be held.  So from now until further notice 2nd Thursday each month it's our main meeting and on the 4th Thursday each month it will be our novice turners meeting.  On the 23rd it will be face plate turning, including chucking and reverse chucking.


A busy time for the club, on Saturday 25th June it is our main demonstration this time by Chris Eagles at Lamphey Village Hall.  There is a write up with all relevant info by Peter our events manager on our home page.

As usual there will be a coffee break mid morning and mid afternoon with lunch served in the adjoining room to the main Hall.  Please let us know if you would like lunch so we get a feel for numbers.  Menu is Chilli on rice or jacket spud or Jacket spud with cheese or beans as we did last year.  As always visitors are welcome to come along and see Chris demonstrate his techniques.


Look forward to seeing you all soon,


John Blake Chairman 

June's   Winner !!







Secretary’s Notes of meeting 12th May 11


We had 23 present including two prospective members.

Due to the late cancellation of Chris Pouncey who was due to demonstrate Sorby Tools Peter Einig stepped into the breach to demonstrate two projects:


For beginners a dibber (parallel grain turning) and


For the more experienced a surround for clock.


Everyone agreed Peter provided an interesting presentation especially so considering he arranged it at such short notice.


Competition for next month


A hollow form to follow on from last months meeting.



Next Regular Meeting WEDNESDAY 9th June 11


The theme for the evening will be square bowls with Alan Carrier



Additional meetings REMINDER


Have been arranged for the fourth Wednesday of the month, first one 25th May in Lamphey Church Hall and is a hand’s on meeting for beginners and improvers.


May Meeting

May meeting Pembrokeshire Woodturners

Following the cancelation by Chris Pouncy of his long planned Robert Sorby demonstration at very short notice (5 hours before the evening event was to start), due we are told, a replacement wheel bearing being unable to be sorced and fitted to his Ford vehicle by a Ford main agent, the many members and visitors who came prepared to part with their cash for Sorby tools and to ask questions about Robert Sorby Tools, were very disapointed.

We were fortunate, that at very short notice,(about 3 hours) Peter our events manager agreed to do a turning demo, showing first some between centre work making a line and pin for keen gardeners and then after the usual refreshments by Mary and Sonya,Peter showed how to turn a clock frame in beech, something not seen at a club meet before.

Members had been asked to bring 2 turnings they felt proud of and a look at the table of exhibits enforced the view that the standard of work has indeed risen considerably since the club was formed.

From an evening that could have been a disaster, Peter helped make it very enjoyable for all present. Thank you.

Competition/ challenge for next month a "Hollow Form".

Don't forget 25th May Lamphey Church Hall, our extra evening for "Hands On" for newcomers, 7.30pm a warm welcome awaits all interested in Woodturning.

John Blake Chairman


                                               May Meeting Pictures

                                                                                        An appreciative audience

                                                   Peter in the Groove

Members turnings on display


Minutes of 2011 AGM


Held 27th April 2011 Lamphey Church Hall



1       Welcome and apologies


The Chairman opened the meeting at 7-30 and welcomed all to this the second AGM.

Apologies were received from Rob Barker and Myrddin Pynn.

There were 18 attendees including two honorary members Leigh and Jo, which was sufficient for a quorum under the Constitution requirements.


2        Report by Chairman


John Blake briefly reported on the years activities, covering some of the highlights in more detail.

He gave special thanks to the members for their support in this our first full year and also thanked his committee for their efforts.

The full transcript of his report is attached as Appendix 1.


3        Report by Treasurer


Jerome Kelleher presented our financial status:


          Present cash in hand         £456.93

          Committed expenditure      £329.93

          Projected free cash           £127.00

Providing all membership fees paid promptly we should have £800 (ish.)

Jerome reported he had received some requests to allow the payment of the annual fees on a stage basis; he therefore discussed the options and put the following proposal to the meeting:


A)    Fees to be paid in full at start of year, £30.

B)    Fees to be paid in two instalments at £18 per 6 months and,

C)   Payment to be made at each meeting at a cost of £4.

The majority vote (all bar one) was to continue with the single payment of £30 at year start.


Following more discussion the meeting selected target expenditure this year to be a Chuck, Vacuum cleaning equipment, a Sharpening system and possibly consumables to sell on to members.


4        Report by Events Organiser


Peter briefly reviewed the programme for the last 12months which has included interesting and varied topics covering topics for beginners as well as those with more experience.

A copy of his report is attached as Appendix 2.


5        Changes to Constitution

The secretary proposed two amendments to the club Constitution:

A)    To take account of the increased membership the clause relating to the quorum requirements for meetings be amended from:


“A quorum at an AGM or EGM shall be a minimum of fifty percent of the branch membership.” to


“A quorum at an AGM or EGM shall be a minimum of 1/3 of the branch membership.”

This motion was seconded by Dave John and carried by unanimous vote.

B)    Following comments by many potential members who attended meetings who were surprised they did not have to pay to attend it is proposed to change the wording from:


“Potential members may attend two monthly club meetings without charge.” To


“Potential members may attend two monthly club meetings without joining.”

This motion was seconded by Bert Alexius and carried by unanimous vote.



6        Election of Secretary

In accordance with the Constitution:

Tenure of Committee members, each member shall be elected for a minimum of three and a maximum of four years. The Committee shall organise its affairs so that approximately one third of its members shall retire each year. Retiring members may offer themselves for re-election.

John Charnock resigned as Secretary and offered himself for re election, as there were no other persons put forward for consideration John Charnock commenced a new term of office.





7        Discussion of issues raised


Jerome our Webmaster requested more photos for inclusion in our site add interest.


Items for sale could be included in the web site; any resultant sales would incur a 10% “donation” to the club.


8        Meeting close



With all official matters concluded the Chairman closed the meeting at 20-10


Appendix 1

Chairmans report


Welcome to Pembrokeshire Woodturners 2nd AGM


Last AGM held on 13th May 2010


A brief rundown of year’s activity:-


June meeting          Demo’s of bowl turning deep and shallow--- comp winner Eddie          Eddison with his Bangle made for Mary.

                              Pembroke festival, club turned on the South Quay and sold items.

July meeting           Demo of miniature turning by Martin Brockington, lace bobbins and goblets etc----Comp winner JB with foot Massager ( Sonya’s feet are no better!)

August meeting      Bert Alexius brought his pole lathe to demo, a few members had a go but co-ordination was sadly lacking, we decided to leave it to Bert----Comp was a spurtle whom by Jerome but was contentious.

Club attended Pembroke show at Lamphey, windy and wet but we turned items and sold from the table. Everyone enjoyed the day.

Sept meeting          Rob and Jerome demonstrated their pen making prowess which included the first public showing of Jerome’s skew

chisel skills.  I was sorry to have missed it having gone to Yandles Autumn show---- Bert Alexius won the challenge for the month with his Mallet from a single piece of wood.  Mine was disqualified because it was made from 2           pieces  ( very contentious )

Nov demo day        Mark Hancock was with us for the day, he demonstrated hollowing and Colouring techniques.  A very interesting

day with good food prepared and served by Mary, Sony and Jean.           

Nov meeting           Held at Lamphey village Hall as 21c was undergoing re-refurbishment. A hands on night where everyone could try

 something new.---Comp was a pair of egg cups,  Eddie was voted to have the best pair.


Dec meeting           Hands on with spindle, faceplate, texturing and jamb chucks.--- John Charnock won the comp for a Christmas decoration with his array of bells.



Jan meeting            Great demo of thin walled turning by Liegh and Jo Rihan, Leigh also showed us his method of chucking using waste blocks of wood glued to the wood to be turned. ----Comp any item turned from 1 piece of wood. Won by me with an oblong turned bowl.


Botanic Gardens     Club represented at the Gardens, for 2 days of craft demo’s, great experience for members who attended, turning with 2 lathes and selling items from the table


Feb meeting            Our Hon member George Foweraker from Somerset demonstrated wall plaque turning and colouring.  He turned a 2ft square board which caused some concern.  The challenge for thin walled turning was won by Gerald Gardiner.

March meeting       4 lathes working, hands on night, various types of turning. Biggest turnout of members so far.  Challenge for the month a wall plaque along the lines of Georges demo, won by Brian Rickard one of our newest members.


April meeting          Yours truly doing some hollow turning with the Rolly Munro tool.


We have decided that to help our novice turners we will be holding an extra meeting on the 4th Wednesday of the month, here at Lamphey Church hall.  This hopefully will encourage members and newcomers to try different forms of turning helped by our more experienced turners.


I must take this opportunity to thank you all for your support during the last year and especially to Mary and Sonya who provide tea, coffee and cakes, cater for us on our Thursday meetings and all day Demo’s.  Thank you.


The club needs to give a big  vote of thanks to Jerome for looking after our money and running our very good club website,  John for keeping the clubs records and doing the correspondence and Peter for organising our events calendar.  Without their time given to us, the club would not function.


Appendix 2

Events Manager Report.


The last year has seen the ‘club’ move away from being seen as a new club to one that has created a centre where like minded people can meet and discuss woodturning whatever their ability level. I hope we have been able to support the needs of the members.

The vast majority of the programme was pitched at regular turning issues. Whilst not being very challenging in itself, what we saw demonstrated allowed all to be more aware of what they could achieve and then take it a stage further if they felt comfortable. After all it is the basics well done that allows us to move on to more difficult or intricate turning. At every step I have tried to emphasise the need to be aware of design, sharp tools and the finish so as to produce a piece of work. The monthly projects have built on this so that members could try their hand in the privacy of their own workspace. The meeting in February showed that members had taken due regard of the issues and I was especially pleased to see that a fair bit of reverse chucking had taken place along with some thought to design and finish.

We have been very lucky to see demonstrations from George Foweraker as his charges are exceptionally good. This does not take anything away from all the other members of the club who have been prepared to stand in front of their fellow turners and do a turn. Without this we would struggle to make club nights interesting.

Our first full day event with Mark Hancock did not have the desired effect as I organised it on a rugby match day. Sorry. I believe it still provoked a lot of thought from those who attended and it certainly made for a fair bit of conversation.

I have been amazed at the number of novice turners that have come through the doors month after month. I am a little bit concerned that we do not necessarily see them again so is there something wrong with our programme or are they looking for something that we are not providing? I hope that by the AGM we may have some answers to this issue.


Peter Einig.



Mayday at Stackpole


Pembrokeshire Woodturners attended the National Trusts Stackpole Estate fun day on Sunday May 1st.  Members arrived armed with lathes tools and wood as well as items for sale.   The site for the event was on the spot where the old mansion stood and beside the famous Lilly Ponds.  It was quite windy so we set up under and behind a large Holm Oak.  There being no electricity on the site we had brought a generator to run the Azminster lathe which was in use for most of the day by members turning various items to show visitors what can be made and hopefully encourage new members to join our now thriving club.  Also of interest to visitors was a Pole Lathe powered not by our generator but by Berts mighty leg muscles, Bert encouraged a few visitors to have a go,  I still can't get to grips with how he manages to hold the gouge still while pumping away with his leg.  Other members present were Eddie, Jerome, Rob, John C, John B and Peter.  Mary and Sonya again made tea using a camping gas stove to heat the water, much appreciated.  All in all a good day in the open air which was enjoyed by all who attended and there was no need to use a vac to clear the away the wood chips.

John Blake Chairman


Pembrokeshire Woodturners attended the National Trusts Stackpole Estate fun day on Sunday May 1st.  Members arrived armed with lathes tools and wood as well as items for sale.   The site for the event was on the spot where the old mansion stood and beside the famous Lilly Ponds.  It was quite windy so we set up under and behind a large Holm Oak.  There being no electricity on the site we had brought a generator to run the Azminster lathe which was in use for most of the day by members turning various items to show visitors what can be made and hopefully encourage new members to join our now thriving club.  Also of interest to visitors was a Pole Lathe powered not by our generator but by Berts mighty leg muscles, Bert encouraged a few visitors to have a go,  I still can't get to grips with how he manages to hold the gouge still while pumping away with his leg.  Other members present were Eddie, Jerome, Rob, John C, John B and Peter.  Mary and Sonya again made tea using a camping gas stove to heat the water, much appreciated.  All in all a good day in the open air which was enjoyed by all who attended and there was no need to use a vac to clear the away the wood chips.

John Blake Chairman

Mayday at Stackpole Pictures

Secratarys notes of meeting 14th April 11


This month we returned to the Foundry House following the extensive refurbishment.


We had 19 present including two prospective members.


The theme for this month’s demo. Presented by our Chairman John Blake was turning hollow forms. This was an excellent demo giving John an excuse to show off his big Rolly Monro. John turned two pieces, a seasoned piece of Ash followed by a green piece of Cherry, both turned parallel grain.


Competition for regular meeting 12th May


Bring along two pieces you have turned and are proud to call yours!


Next Meeting WEDNESDAY 27th April 11


The venue for the next meeting is Lamphey Church Hall, it is the AGM and being held on a separate evening to the normal club meet so as not to interfere with our next regular meeting.

Under the present Constitution we require 50% member attendance for a valid meeting, if we fail to reach that number we will have to hold it at the next regular meeting possibly cancelling the Sorby demo.


Next Regular Meeting Thursday 12th May 11


To be held in the Foundry House, a Sorby evening demo by Chris Pouncy.


Additional meetings


Have been arranged for the fourth Wednesday of the month, first one 25th May in Lamphey Church Hall and is a hand’s on meeting for improvers. More details at the AGM.


April Pictures Chairman John and his best friend Rolli

Peter holding his own


Letter from the Chairman


Hi Pembrokeshire Woodturners


Just a quick note to let you know that the next meeting of the club will be held on Thursday 14th April 7.30 pm, at the Pembroke 21c Foundry House.  This will be the first time we have a meeting in the re-furbished hall.  Agenda for the evening a Demo of Hollow Turning.


It has been decided that as there was interest in more regular meetings, we have secured the Lamphey Church Hall where we have been holding our recent meetings for the 4th Wednesday in the month, the first being the 25th May which will take the form of a hands on evening for Novice Turners.  We will need help from our experienced members to help "bring on" our new Turners.  This will be a trial run to see what support there is.  So please contact Peter, Jerome, John C, or John B, if you are able to help


Very Important:-


The Club AGM will be held on April 27th at 7.30pm at the Lamphey Church Hall.  The evening will be just the AGM so as not to disturb our usual club meetings.  Please, it is very important that you attend.


Best regards to all,


John Blake



The hall can be found opposite the Church in Lamphey which is between The Lamphey Hall Hotel and the railway bridge adjacent to Lamphey station, it is on the right coming from Pembroke.



March meeting of the club took place at Lamphey Church Hall on Wednesday 9th.  It was good to see so many members and newcomers 25 in all, to our meeting for a "Hands on" for novice turners.  With numbers growing a larger venue will soon be a must.  4 lathes were set up with more experienced members helping with various face plate and spindle techniques using an array of different tools, lots of shavings!! Good to see so many new to turning having a go and hopefully some useful knowledge imparted.  Special thanks to Bert who brought along his homemade lathe to show it working.  Nice one Bert.

We were pleased to welcome Jon Simpson who is a fellow member of the AWGB who had been on holiday, staying in Saundersfoot.  It was good to hear about his own club activities and his suggestion of setting up a "Buddy" type project where novice turners can be helped out by experienced turners in their workshops, something we need to look at.

Competition was a turning along the lines of George Fowerakers demo last month a wall plaque, only a couple of entries,  (George must have put the fear into us with his demo)  However best entry was by  B  Rickard see pictures.

It has been decided next month will be a Hollow Form demo by members, the venue for this has not yet been confirmed so watch this space. 

Thanks again to the ladies, Mary and Sonya for the delicious cakes and coffee/tea.  Taken mid evening it is always a good time for discussion about all things woodturning.


See you all next month,


John Blake

March's Pictures

                                  Competition Entries

                                  March's   Winner !

                                       B Rickard



The February meeting of the Pembrokeshire Woodturners took place on Wednesday 9th at the Lamphey Church hall.  Members were given a demonstration of "Wall Plaque" turning by our Honourary member from Somerset, George Foweraker.  George started by joining 4

12inch square boards of southern yellow pine together and mounting them on a face plate, he then turned circles in the wood with a spindle gouge.  The boards were taken apart and re assembled in different order to turn more circles.  George then attacked them with his blow torch to blacken the soft growth rings, before adding colour with dyes sprayed from an artists diffuser.  George then made a smaller piece that he donated to the raffle.  Chairman thanked George and members showed their appreciation. See pictures of George and his turning.

The usual tea, coffee and cakes were provided by Mary and Sonya, thank you.  Bert Alexius brought in some wood for the raffle, including lovely Laburnam, thanks Bert.

Events manager Peter suggested end of June, early July for our all day demo by a professional, watch this space for more details.

The challenge this month was a thin walled turning, voted best by members was Gerald Gardiners piece, see picture.

It was good to see many new faces among the 25 present, I hope you all enjoyed the evening as much as I did.

Next meeting 9th March 7.00pm for 7.30pm at Lamphey Church Hall.  Challenge for March a Plaque type turning, coloured akin to what George demonstrated. See you all again then.



John Blake   Chairman


February Pics


               Now where shall i start                                                                 How fast is exciting?

                 Sharing the Knowledge                                                           Time to concentrate now

       An appreciative audience is a quiet audience                                        Time to burn!!

                   The finished article!!!!!                                                                      This weeks entries

           Offset attachment                                             Cutting offcentre                                                Very carefully cutting thin air

                          Burning                                                                       Spraying

Using a A ventura spray. This piece donated to the raffle                      Lime waxing                                                         Experimenting

Februarys    Winner !!

Gerald Gardiner


Botanical Garden Pictures


Rob "the ring" Barker

Jeromes got a long one

The Master at work (and his boss) 

 Our Wares for sale




Report from Botanical Gardens



January 22nd and 23rd was the date of the 2011 "Woodcraft Show " at the National Botanic Garden of Wales and the Pembrokeshire Woodturners were in attendance on both days.  The show was held in the Great Glass House and was very well attended, with visitor numbers well up on last years event.  The Club display consisted of 2 lathes for demonstrating and 2 tables to display and sell members work.  Other clubs in the area were also present along with trade stands selling Turning tools, wood blanks, accessories and finishing products.  The event was from 10am until 4.00pm each day; Saturday Jerome, Rob, John and Sonya were present and kept the lathes turning with considerable interest from visitors.  On Sunday Alan and Mike took on the job, alas Bert was unable to bring his Pole Lathe due to hurting his back, hope you feel better.

From the feedback members enjoyed the experience and look forward to next year’s show.  Thank you to all who helped to make the weekend a success. 

A special thanks to Les Bryant and The Botanical Gardens for inviting us to a great weekend.


Regards John Blake Chairman 





                           This months Entries



 January meeting notes


Pembrokeshire Woodturners held there January 2011 meeting in a new venue and on a different evening to normal.  As Pembroke 21c's Foundry House is undergoing modernisation we have moved to Lamphey Church Hall and changed the evening to 2nd Wednesday of the month until further notice.


At our meeting on Wednesday 12th January 2011 Peter our "events manager" had arranged for Leigh Rihan a professional wood turner from Milford to give a demonstration of "Thin Walled Turning" members were shown his technique for attaining ultra thin walls to his bowls. Members were also shown Leigh's method of "chucking" his work using blocks glued to the turning blanks with CA,  Leigh suggested this is good for saving wood otherwise lost while turning the tennons  to be held in the scroll chuck.  Members showed their appreciation by inviting Leigh and his wife Jo who had assisted him with Honorary club membership.  Thank you Leigh and Jo for a great evening.


As usual Mary and Sonya provided us with refreshments at half time including some great tasting cakes. Thank you Ladies.


Members were asked to help man our table and demo at the National Botanic Garden near Carmarthen on the weekend of 22nd 23rd January.  Members able to help were requested to contact John B so a rota can be formulated.


The challenge for this month was any turned item from one piece of wood,  13 turnings of different design were voted on by members who selected a Natural Edge Apple bowl turned sideways, (like a propellor) keep your fingers behind the banjo rest while turning this sort of thing!  John Blake was the winner.


John C brought in some logs from Stackpole which members were asked to turn for an exhibition of timber grown at the National Trust site.


Treasurer Jerome collected money for AWGB membership, if you havn't paid yet please get in touch with Jerome. 


Next month’s challenge, a Hollow Vessel, thin walled.


               Januarys   Winner !!

                               Chairman John Blake


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