What happened during 2012


December Meeting

For the December meeting our Chairman demonstrated making a jig to produce an off centre pendant. Made from a piece of Ash that enabled the disc for the pendant to be offset by moving a collar which was attached by screws to the main body. A pendant in Purpleheart was produced and handed around the audience for inspection. The Jig was offered as a prize in the raffle.

Refreshments were served by Mary and Sonya, mince pies, coffee and tea. Nathans daughter also supplied some cupcakes. Thank you all.

The second half of the evening was taken up partly by Peter giving a resume on his recent examination to be a Tutor and how he hoped to be able to help novice members with their turning. Chairman then finished the evening with a taste of what our January meeting will be about, the colouring process using spirit dyes and the Jo Sonja's colours.

Next meeting will be on 17th Jan 7.30pm when we welcome Mark and Lisa Raby who are demonstrating colouring, texturing and pyrography. This will be a very interesting demo, one not to be missed. There is also an invitation to any interested non members to come and see how it's done.

Mark and Lisa will also be at the Botanical Garden of Wales on 19th and 20th for the wood and craft show, well worth a visit.

Winner of the December challenge was Gerald with a superb multi centre turning.

Next months challenge, A turning to be proud of and a turning disaster, two pieces please from all entrants as there are double points up for grabs towards the the annual trophy.

Have a Happy Christmas, a Healthy and Prosprous 2013. See you all soon.


December's Winner




Notes of meeting 8th November 12

This month there were 20 members present.


The presentation this month was by Peter Einig (our event’s organiser) covering off centre turning. The first piece was a multi off centre piece with concave wings between the off centre segments. The second demonstration was a goblet with an off centre stem.

Peter gave a full description of the techniques involved emphasising the need for tight tool control, as the tool was not in contact with the wood at all times, and the need for sharp tools to reduce pressure on the piece at the point of contact.


Winner of this month’s competition, “a shallow platter” was won by Doug and Gerald with segmented platter’ both having equal points.

Next Competition

Competition for next month will follow on from this month’s demonstration and is a piece of off centre turning.

Next Meeting 13th December 12

John Blake will demonstrate making “Christmas decorations” and there will be

a “bring and tell” session where members bring along to the meeting items they have found useful in difficult procedures.

Things to remember

·We were going to Colby Lodge on 17th and 18th November; this has now been cancelled due to the lack of suitable space in a dry location.

·The January main meeting will be on Thursday 17th and will be a colouring and Pyrography session by a Professional demonstrator.


When items of club equipment and tools are on loan, please ensure they are brought to the various meetings particularly for the hands on evenings so that members can receive tuition with adequate equipment available.


November's Winner's

Doug and Gerald

Octobers Pictures

Notes of meeting 11th October 12

This month there were 21 members present.

The presentation this month was by a member Alan Carrier who demonstrated his methods for sharpening tools, using the various tools and finishing techniques. The items made covered a bowl, a wall plaque and shallow dish. The finishing went form shear scraping to a three stage buffing system that produced amazing results.

Alan’s presentation was an opportunity to highlight the different approaches by woodturners taken to produce good quality items .

Winner of this month’s competition, “a plain bowl” was won by Bruce Wright (again) with a thin wall design of high quality.

Competition for next month is a platter, no more than 35 mm deep.

Next Meeting 8th November 12

hings to remember

We have been invited to Colby Lodge on 17th November; it is a Christmas Fayre which is mostly a food event at which we would be classed as a demonstrator of rural crafts. Member assistance most welcome.

Octobers's Winner


Our very own action man Rob Barker is taking part in the Iron Man Wales Challenge In aid of the RNLI to sponsor him please clickHERE

September Pics

Secretarys note

Notes of meeting 13th September 12

There were 22 members present.

This month the demonstration was a talk by Peter Einig covering tool design, control and handling for bowl turning.

Various designs of bowls were discussed from intermediate to very advanced to widen the range of designs within the club.

Hands on night in 2 weeks will follow the demo and members should bring along any problems they have for discussion.

This Months Competition

This month’s competition was won by Mike Pannell with a very ornate, pierced lidded box.

Competition for next month

A plain bowl.

Date of next meeting

11th October 12


The club attended Colby Lodge with two lathes running and four club members present, Steve, Paul, Chris and Peter Einig. A success with some items sold and a potential new member.

September's Winner


Camrose show pictures

August Pictures

Notes of meeting 9th August 12

There were 19 members present.

This month the demonstration was a follow up going on from last month’s demo. by our chairman John Bake covering finishing techniques. John continued with “off vertical” turning and texturing followed by liming and colouring.

Again an excellent demo watched closely by the members.

We next had a sale of various items brought by a retiring wood turner from the area.

The final item was a discussion relating to club topics, the outcome being:-

  1. No more professional demos this year.
  2. No club trip to the Yandles show

This Months Competition

A well finished item won by Bruce Wright; a wall decoration with a coloured pyrographed picture.

Competition for next month

A box with a lid.

Date of next meeting

13th September 12


Pembroke show pictures


The club stand at the Pembroke Farmers Show held on 1st August. As the weather was so poor we were allowed to have a table in the main Marquee.

Thanks to Peter, John C, Chris and Sonya for helping.

Winners of the Woodturning Competition. First John Blake Second John Charnock Third John Charnock

July Pictures

Notes of meeting 12th July 12

There were 22 members and guests present.

This month the demonstration by our chairman John Bake covering finishing techniques. John covered the topic in depth from basic finishes to more advanced colouring, texturing and carving. There was much discussion and both novice and the more skilled turners benefited from the excellent demo. The topics covered with discussion resulted in the demo being long and next months meeting will be John again, completing his demo with more finishing techniques.

This Months Competition

A long thin item was won by Doug King, with Bruce Wright and Gerald Gardiner close behind.

Competition for next month

Following the excellent demonstration the next competition will be any well finished item using any texturing, colouring or finishing effect that takes your fancy.

Date of next meeting

Next hands on meeting will be in 2 weeks on the 26th July and will be developing skills for finishing etc.

The next full meeting will be 9th August; will be the wrap up demonstration of colouring and texturing by our Chairman John Blake.

Things to remember

Lamphey Show 1st August where we demonstrate sell as well as entering turned items in the Country Crafts competition

June Pictures

                June's Winner    Douggie         Close Second Gerald

 June Meeting


Notes of meeting 14th June 12


There were 15 members present.


This month the demonstration covered the turning of goblets by our professional wood turner member Leigh Rihan (for more of his work see www.rihan.co.uk). During the demonstration several designs were produced including a thin long stemmed specimen that was worthy of the applause it received once finished and in one piece!  An excellent evening, thank you Leigh.


This Months Competition


A pair of salad servers was won by Dough Harvey with a segmented set.


Competition for next month


Following the excellent demonstration the next competition will be a Goblet, any design but long and thin would be a challenge.


Date of next meeting


Next hands on meeting will be in 2 weeks on the 28th June.


The next full meeting will be 12th July, the demonstration will be colouring and texturing by our Chairman John Blake.


May Hands on night Pictures

Our New Jig!!


Challenge Rules 2012-2013


·       The monthly challenge will be along the lines of the previous month’s demo.

·       All members to adhere to the criteria set out by the committee.

·       Only one item to be entered, but please feel free to bring other turnings to exhibit.

·       The placing’s will be 1st =10 points 2nd =8 points 3rd =6 points and remaining entrants will receive 5 points, and the member with the most points at the end of the year will be crowned club turner of the year and will receive a trophy on the last meeting of the year.

·       The winner of the monthly challenge will be decided by the club members.     

19th May and the clubs 4th all day demo at Lamphey Village Hall,  Pembrokeshire Woodturners welcomed Phil Irons who described how he uses "wet" wood to create his hollow forms.  He then turned a Mulberry "log" into a lovely hollow form explaining his way of holding it between centres to roughly shape it and then how to hold it in the chuck so the hollowing process could take place.  Lunch was served by Mary and Sonya, thanks Ladies, who had slaved away in the kitchen while we enjoyed the demo!!  The afternoon session saw Phil doing another hollow form and then showing us how his colouring technique worked.  Phil was thanked by the club for a great day's demo before members cleared the shavings and put away the tables and chairs.

He also very kindly agreed to accept Honorory Membership of Pembrokeshire Woodturners.

Take a look at the pictures to get a flavour of the day and Phil's skill



Phil Irons Demo


Phil Irons Woodturner.

Australian born, Phil has been living in the UK since 1977.

What started out as a hobby was turned (no pun intended) into a profession in 1994. Among his many professional commissions he has supplied the likes of Taylors of Harrogate with over 10,000 caddie spoons to sell through their chain of Betty’s tea rooms and has recently completed a major commission for high quality pen and pencil sets for HSBC Bank.

His own work has been sold in galleries throughout the country and is in private and public collections all over the world.

He teaches and demonstrates at home and abroad notably USA, Europe and South Africa, he has been selected as a main presenter at the 2013 AAW Symposium in Florida. (American Association of Woodturners)

Creating hollow forms mainly from green wood is Phil’s speciality some of which are coloured to the emphasise the natural figure in pieces of wood that nobody else is interested in, the best of which have been rescued from bonfires.


The demonstration on the 19th May 2012 at 9.30 will include - primarily covering hollow forms but include sharpening, work holding, timber selection, form and proportions, finishing.


Notes from the AGM


Pembrokeshire Wood turners AGM 10 May 1012  Chairman’s report


Apologies from Leigh and Jo Rihan, Rob Barker


Since last AGM April 27 2011 the club has continue to grow and we have started a second “hands on” evening on the 4th Thursday each month,  we now have a storage crate on wheels to keep club equipment in  made by Eddie and I with materials supplied by 21c for which we are very grateful.

Most importantly the standard of work has improved almost beyond that which I thought possible when the club started back in November 2009


A brief resume of happenings through the year:-


May   Peter stood in at short notice after Sorby cancelled at 2.30pm on the day of the demo. Peter turned  Spindle work.


June   Alan Carrier turned his version of square bowls a very good demo by a club member

          First of our “hands on” at the newly refurbished 21c. The “hands on” evening is proving ever   more popular with novice and experienced turners alike.

          Chris Eagles all day demo at Lamphey Village Hall a great Day for us turners where we learned           lots of new techniques from Chris.  Refreshments were served up by Mary and Sonya including a    lunchtime meal for about 35, thank you to them.


July    Saw the cabinet installed at the Stackpole Centre to display members turnings. It was donated by Vaughans of Haverfordwest, Thanks to them for their support.  I think Jerome dropped morethan a few hints that we wanted it, Thanks Jerome.


August         Lamphey show on the first Wednesday in August, a new art class of Woodturning was sponsoredby the club and  after some competition when members turned items for a trophy, JohnCharnocks was chosen.  I was very pleased to win it in the woodturning section with a Hollow Form in Mulberry.

          Bert Alexius demonstrated candle stick making at the club night, which for me was one of our     best members demo’s,  fancy forgetting the callipers Bert !!


Sept   Picton Castle Fayre, sales and demo’s by members,Jerome,Rob and Bob did washout Saturday      and Eddie, Paul, Bert, Sonya and I did sunny Sunday. Sun really does shine on the righteous.

          Also did the Stackpole event, where I was accused of turning up late by Bert, Dougie and Gerald.

          They had the stand already set up. I wasn’t late, they couldn’t sleep!!

          Club night saw Peter turning and joining two pieces together and  making a clock surround.


Oct     Leigh  Rihan did lidded boxes, always good to watch and learn from Leigh.


Nov.club night Jo Rihan showed us how to turn Lace Bobbins, Jo has turned hundreds and being 3mm in diaand up to 4" long she estimates 1 in 4 is a failure.  Jo also turned some Christmas Ornaments.


Nov   Mark Sanger and George Foweraker did a ‘Master Class” on the Friday evening before Mark did his all day demo at Lamphey. This was the best demo I have seen by a pro turner.  The event was   well attended and once again Mary and Sonya did an excellent job of the catering.


Dec   Rob Barker he of the “Rings” did his Goblet with captive rings and also a Rattle.  After the break     for the usual refreshments I showed how to make shop made chucks to hold and make pendants.


Jan 12          The club was fortunate to have Mark baker editor of the wood turner magazine do a demo do   Japanese inspired turning, he also urged members to think outside the box when designing items   to turn.  About this time Bert started bringing wood to be raffled, can only think how much room           he has made in his workshop by the amount he has brought and still brings.  A big Thank you           Bert.


Feb    Natural edge turning and a bit of hollowing by me.


March          Jon Simpson for Yarmouth who was on holiday here in Pembrokeshire showed us items to be turned for craft fayres, bag carriers and pens etc.


April  Leigh Rihan, this time turning Rhododendron  into fruit shapes.


May   Colby Woodland Garden, demo’s and sales a successful day with many interested visitors, also     Stackpole revisited, from both these events we may have potential new members.


All in all a busy and very good year for the club, lots of interesting demo’s, I hope we have all learned something to take back to our workshops or sheds to help make our turnings better.

My thanks to our committee John Charnock, Jerome and Peter for making my job easy.  Jerome is stepping down from his post  and  I would like thank him for his efforts, he will continue to be “Webmaster”

Mary and Sonya deserve a special vote of thanks for being such good caterers and  looking after us so well with the delicious cakes etc.  Thank You.


One other thing I have to say before I finish.  The committee has co-opted Paul to run the raffle and to organise the  monthly challenges.  The raffle will be as before at half time, with hopefully some more wood from Bert’s seemingly endless supply and  also some useful woodturning items.

Paul has decided the rules for the challenge will be on a points system along the lines of  10 for best exhibit 8 for second, 6 for third and 5 points to all other entries.  This will encourage more members to enter and as can be worked out someone who enters every month but has not made first place could have amassed enough points to be judged the best. 

A further 2 competitions will be held at Christmas and the AGM entries  cannot have been entered prior to the competition and  can be of any wood turned item.  The club will provide a trophy for the winner of each competition.

Please do all you can to support Paul.


Thank you all for being here tonight and for being such loyal members and indeed friends.


Thank you

John Blake 


May's Winner





Members who attended the Colby Woodland Gardens day enjoyed wonderfull sunny weather and spendid hospitality from the National Trust staff.  As can be seen from the pictures there was a good deal of turning going on, lots of shavings and lots of interest from the visitors who had turned out in quite some numbers for the day at Colby which had interesting activities for all ages.

Thanks to Bert, Peter, Paul, Chris, John M and Sonya for their support, a great day, can't wait for another invite to Colby.



John Blake

April  Meeting

                                                Some of Leigh's Fruit!!                                  

                                      This Months Competition Entries


April's Winner



12th April meeting of Pembrokeshire Wood turners was held at 21c Foundry House in Pembroke and saw some 20 members attending to watch Leigh Rihan demonstrate the art of turning fruit.

Leigh started by explaining what sort of wood he used and for the demo had some Rhododendron  which he would usually rough turn and then set aside to dry before refining on the lathe and final polishing.  A 3 inch square  piece of Rhododendron was quickly turned between centres to form a Pear shape before being turned around  and held in a jam chuck to finish the end. A small hole was then drilled in the stalk end and a natural looking stalk added.  The next piece Leigh tackled was an apple and again a square was quickly turned into the shape of an apple, (think Leigh has done hundreds he made it look very easy)


Refreshments were served at half time by Mary and Sonya, nice cakes Girls! Thank you.


“Bert the Wood” as we must now call him had brought a load of Beech, Ash and Oak  for sale along with small bundles of various species for the raffle. Thank you Bert for your efforts, they are appreciated.


Leigh resumed his demo by showing how to make the type of Jam chuck he uses to hold and finish his fruit pieces.  All too soon the evening came to an end with members thanking Leigh for a very interesting demo. I’m sure there will be a lot of fruit on our sale tables at the craft events this season.


The challenge this month was to make a Spinning Top, there were some nice examples in various wood and  I am pleased to say that Richard’s Top was voted best by members and his picture can be seen on the page with others taken on the night.


It will be no surprise to be told that the challenge for next months meeting will be a piece of fruit tuned from any wood.


An announcement was made regarding the AGM which will be held next meeting May 10th 7.30pm Foundry House and  copies of the agenda  for the meeting were handed out.

Reminders for our participation in events at Colby Woodland Garden and Stackpole Estate on the 6th and 7th May respectively. Watch the web site for more detailed info on these.

Again in May on the 19th at Lamphey Village Hall , Phil Irons the well known and highly respected turner will be doing an all day demonstration. This is one not to be missed so keep that day free.  Non Members  are welcome to join us for the day and details can be found on the website soon.

Hands on evening 26th April 7.30pm novice turners welcome to try their hand at Woodturning.


Best Wishes

John Blake Chairman





March Meeting







The club welcomed Jon Simpson who did a demonstration of making craft items for selling at fairs.  Jon and his wife are on holiday in Saundersfoot as they were last year when they had come along to one of our meetings. At that time Jon had volunteered to do a demo when next in the area.


Jon began with a thorough description of the types of craft items which sell well, these included pens, bag carriers, thimbles etc, he also thought it helped to make items from wood which had been removed from renovation projects on churches and other buildings these could be sold to help the various charities that are involved in these projects.  Jon himself is involved with the "Wherry" a sailing barge on the Norfolk Broads and he makes items from planking taken from the vessels hull that has had to be replaced.  He says pens made from this timber sell very well.


First off Jon made a pen from the removed planking explaining as he went along the methods he uses to complete the pen.  When finished the pen was given to be used as a raffle prize.  After refreshments which as usual were provided by Mary and Sonya, choclate cake and ginger cake Jon continued with his demo by making a plastic bag carrying handle from broom handle stock, he explained it was an item which could not be sold for more the a pound so had to be made quickly and by using broom handle stock it was just a case of cutting to length on a band saw and then mounting in the lathe between some shop made jigs to form 2 recesses into which the bag handles would fit. In all the time taken to make a handle should not be more than 5 minutes to make the item profitable.


Next off Jon made a thimble, not something I had seen made on a lathe before.  He then showed us the principles of making Singapore Balls using some of his home made tools to form the ballon openings to hold the spikes.  All to soon it was time to pack up.  Thank you Jon for a most interesting demo.  The club presented him with a pen made from Stackpole Sycamore with Yew inlay.


Bert had brought in a load of wood for the raffle and most members went home with some.  Bert had also brought in some planks of Cherry and Ash which a sawmill owner friend had asked Bert to sell, these were marked up with cost and all were sold.  This I hope will develope and be a usefull source of timber for members.


The challenge was a natural edge along the lines of last months demo, there was a draw and the two items judged by members to be best can be seen in the pictures


Hands on evening will be on Thursday 22nd March at 21c Foundry House, the theme for the evening will be Turning Bowls, mounting for roughing out, making the spigot and fitting into a chuck.  New Members are welcome to come and have a go.


The Challenge for the next meeting will be to make a Spinning Top which must be spun by hand not string.


John Blake  Chairman


Jon Simpsons notes to his club with his kind permission,

A View From The Other Side Of The Lathe


Well, it’s been a long time coming, but finally I have given in to the challenge. I refer of course to doing a woodturning demonstration. Many craft fairs and general demonstrations have come and gone, but until now I have avoided doing a demonstration for a woodturning club.


The first week of March saw Bron and me driving off to South Wales for the first holiday of the year to a beach front flat in Saundersfoot, a chance to have a really quiet holiday. I had visited the Pembroke club last year, and in a fit of madness I said I would do a demonstration if I returned this year. I don’t know if they knew it was to be my first ever club demonstration.


So, the dreaded night came. We had carried about a hundredweight of kit and bits across the width of the country, and it was now all unloaded at the venue. Knowing that I was going to work on a lathe with the correct head thread and tapers, I elected to take all my own tooling on the basis that I would feel more comfortable with familiar equipment to work with.


As for the program I was going to offer, I elected to talk about the bits and pieces I have found to be successful at craft fairs, mainly due to the fact that I have had lots of practise with them, and I ought to be able to do the turning without the need for too much thought, thus allowing opportunities to talk as well.


On with the demonstration, I had decided to start with an exposé on pen turning. Blanks were drilled and tubes were glued in, and put aside in favour of a pair which had been glued a few days before. The new blanks were then rounded off, the ends were trimmed square, and the shape of the twin barrels began to emerge. Then, something that has not happened to me for a long time, the end of one blank tore out, revealing a large patch of the inner brass tube. This brought an immediate halt to the demonstration while I back-tracked on another pair of pre-glued blanks, thus loosing me about 15 minutes of demo time. Now, I was working against the clock, and some of the things I wanted to do were going to suffer. Finally, a finished pen emerged, and I was reasonably happy with it.


Tea break came and went with much chat to the audience, and I decided that the first bit of the demonstration after the break would involve the Singapore Ball. Several people had shown interest in my balls during the 2011 visit to the club, and I thought I could quickly show how the tear drop points are made and inserted. A scrap piece of Brazilian Tulip was inserted in the chuck, and drilled and hollowed to receive a point. I then proceeded to make a point, and tried to insert it into the dummy ball. Would it go in, NO IT WOULD NOT. The hole in the blank was the wrong shape and the pin I had made was too large, and neither could be corrected without a good deal of messing about with trial and error, all of which would have given me another time penalty.


Onwards and upwards, I proceeded with success to make a bag carrier, a  thimble (which I forgot to polish), and a cotton real.


I have never known 2 hours go so quick. The end of the demonstration was rewarded with hearty thanks and applause from the audience which was appreciated, whether or not it was a sympathy vote I will never know.


I close with a warning to all those in the Norwich club. Grumpy has talked me into doing a demonstration in November 2012, so look out, and be gentle with me. To any of those in the Pembroke club who might read this, if I return in 2013, I will happily do another demonstration for you if you want, and hopefully, it will be a bit more successful.


As an afterthought, doing a demonstration is nowhere near as frightening as I thought it would be, it is just a matter of being well prepared, mind you, talking while turning is quite a challenge, and writing an article for the newsletter is much simpler.

March's Content1ous Winner's

John and Jerome


February  Hands on Pictures


24th Feb 2012  Pembrokeshire Wood turners hands on evening


The club resumed the hands on evening on Thursday and with 18 members attending has proved as popular as ever.  Three lathes were in operation with faceplate work and spindle turning being tutored by our more experienced members. Have a look at the pictures and you will see the various objects which were turned.


As ever the club invites new members and guests to come along to these evenings as they are intended to help get new turners started and help with sharpening and other woodturning queries.  So don’t be shy come along, next Hands on is on March 15th  7.30pm

 February  Pictures


Pembrokeshire Woodturners meeting 9th Feb 2012


The club was pleased to welcome John Blake our chairman to centre stage for an exhibition of natural edge turning in front of 23 members and guests.

He managed to turn some interesting shapes using his new bowl gouge (a man cant have too many tools) which are shown in the pictures. John also managed to slip in some interesting cuts with his "Roley" We also learned how to hold (safely) off centred logs to produce some very thin delicate forms

John pointed out the many dangers involved with natural edge turning and if the lack of conversation in the room when John was turning was anything to go by then everyone was paying close attention.  (maybe waiting to see a spectacular accident )

Many thanks to John for an informative and interesting evening.


Bert managed to win the competition with an excellent piece of turning up against some stiff opposition.My bowl got a special mention as it was "simple" (thanks Peter i'm taking that as a compliment)


Many thanks to Sonya and Mary once again for the  excellent tea and cakes

Jerome Kelleher Treasurer

February  Winner


January Pictures


Pembrokeshire Woodturners meeting 19th Jan 2012


The club was pleased to welcome Mark Baker the editor of The Woodturner Magazine who had kindly offered to do a demo at tonight’s meeting as he was in the area attending the Art and Craft show at the Botanical Garden of Wales which is situated between Carmarthen and Cross Hands just off the A40 trunk road and by the way well worth a visit.


38 members and guests were present to witness a very informative and well delivered demonstration of Mark's skill at the lathe.  He first showed us his technique for securing the wood between centres with his preferred method of using a proprietary face plate with what could be described as spikes to hold the piece at the headstock end and to give a positive drive.  He described how an ordinary faceplate could be modified to do the same using some pointed bolts fixed with lock nuts.  Mark is very keen to make sure his tools are sharp at all times to give the best possible cut and explained the push and pull cuts to the best advantage.  He told us to make provision for holding the piece by other means as soon as possible just in case the method being used fails,

he suggested by forming a spigot to be held in a chuck.  Once the outside of the bowl he was turning was shaped to his liking using a swept back gouge and a negative rake scraper to obtain the best tool finish possible he then set about hollowing by holding the bowl in a four jaw chuck.  Using a couple of different gouges he explained how important it was to ride the bevel as the cut progressed.  The bowl he was making was then turned around and held so the foot could be shaped into  three legs, these being formed with the aid of an offset powered cutter.  Obviously due to the time constaint sanding and finishing were not carried out.

Next Mark tackled a Japanese type bowl with a round bottom, once he had shaped the outside to the desired form he used a small beading tool to form rings from the bottom to about two thirds of the way to the rim, making sure we knew to work this tool flute down.  The inside was then shaped and the bowl again reversed on the chuck to finish rounding the bottom.  Mark showed how this bowl could be incorporated with other shapes to make attractive art works. Mark also showed us more of his artistic ideas and I'm sure we will see members having a go at something different in the future.


This demo by Mark has fed the imagination of many members present tonight, has promoted us to think outside the box and to focus on design and form of our turnings.


A big thank you to Mark for his time and the enthusiastic and informative demonstration.


Thanks also to Peter for arranging the demo, to Bert for bringing all that wood for the raffle and to Mary and Sonya as ever the for the best cakes, tea and coffee which are looked forward too by all.

Take look at the pictures. The table showing some of the club members work is well worth a close look and demonstrates how our turnings have improved in just over two years since it was formed.

John Blake, Chairman

·       There will also be a separate challenge on the AGM and CHRISTMAS meetings which will be an open category and have not been entered before, and the club will be putting up a prize for these.    


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