What happened during 2014 

December Pictures


This month’s demonstration by Bert Alexius was Christmas tree and a decorative bell, followed by:-

a final demonstration by John Blake who turned a simple design of tree using a skew chisel and parting tool only and a snow man.

Notes of meeting 11th December 14

This month there were 27 members and guests present..

This Month’s Competition

This month’s competition was won by Mark Howells with a fine large Father Christmas.

Next Competition

Bring along any item you have made and are proud of.

Next Meeting

Will be the 15th January NOT the 8th January and will be a demonstration by Mark Raby on finishing techniques.

Annual Diner

Will be held to be held at Plas Hafryd, Narberth on the 6th March

2 courses 17-95

3 Courses £19-95

Please make your choice of meal from the attached menu and hand it in at the next meeting in January with money .


Anyone who has not paid their AWGB subs please do so promptly as they are overdue.

Decembers Winner

Mark Howells


When items of club equipment and tools are on loan, please ensure they are brought to the various meetings particularly for the hands on evenings so that members can receive tuition with adequate equipment available.

October Pictures

Octobers Winner

Mark Howells


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Notes of meeting 16th October 14

This month there were 21 members present.


This month’s demonstration was a demonstration by John Marshall on the subject of clock making. John started with an excellent description of the various designs, showing several examples of finished clocks to illustrate his techniques.

John then went on to make a recessed bezel clock making a delicate and complicated process look very easy.

Thanks John for a demonstration with interest for the advanced as well as the novice turner.

This Month’s Competition

Mark Howells won with a highly polished Yew pen, a well-deserved winner.

Next Competition

Following on from the clock demonstration by John the next competition will be a clock but with two options:

1.      With a recessed bezel and

2.     No bezel with the hour markers as “buttons” on a plain face laid out using a dividing head.

Next Meeting

Will be the 13th November, first half a talk by a qualified first aider on CPR followed by some turning, yet to be determined.


1.     The hands on meeting will be next week as usual the fourth Thursday of the month, and

2.     AWGB subs due at the November meeting


When items of club equipment and tools are on loan, please ensure they are brought to the various meetings particularly for the hands on evenings so that members can receive tuition with adequate equipment available.

September Pictures

                             Septembers Winners Bert and Dougie

Notes of meeting 14th September 14

This month there were 21 members and guests present.


This month’s demonstration was a joint effort with John Blake covering pen making and Mark Howells demonstrating his Laser machine print on pens.

The members were divided into 2 groups; one watched the pen making and the other Mark printing on the pens made by John. After refreshments the groups changed and while John watched the laser demo Steve Jaques took over the pen making.

It was a great evening enjoyed by all, many thanks to John, Mark and Steve

This Month’s Competition

Was won jointly by Bert and Dougie.

Next Competition

Will be a pen.

Next Meeting

October will be clock making with John Marshall.

Colby Event

Next National Trust event club demonstrating event  will be the 20th and 21st September in the Bothy at Colby.

Notes of meeting 10th July 14

This month there were 16 members and guests present.


This month’s demonstration with John Blake covered hollowing techniques. At his last demonstration John used cheap basic tools, this time he used the large Roley Munroe hollower and scraper.

John demonstrated cross grain, parallel grain some with holes and bark inclusions.

It was a great evening enjoyed by all, many thanks to John

This Month’s Competition

Was a wooden toy won jointly by Bruce Wright again with a model cannon and Bill Kellaway, with a railway steam engine very well done to both of you.

Next Competition

Will be a hollow form, any shape, size or wood..

Next Meeting

Will be by a demonstration by Nathan Roberts covering scroll saw techniques.

September will be Mark Howells and John Blake demonstrating pens and laser engraving.

October will be clock making with John Marshall.

Colby Event

Next National Trust event day will be 20th July in the Bothy, turning demonstrations and sales.

Nathan is coordinating the day.

Junes Pictures

                                                                Junes Winner Bruce

Notes of meeting 12th June 14

This month there were 21 members and guests present.

Before the evening started the club was shown the new Jet lathe and the new storage cupboard.


This month’s demonstration with Bert Alexius covered the manufacture of wooden toys and models. The models shown ranged from a crane to lorries and railway engines (see photos). Bert explained the various techniques involved and showed his methods for turning some of the complicated items using jigs and modified tools.

It was a great evening enjoyed by all, many thanks to Bert.

This Month’s Competition

Was won by Bruce again, with an excellent cruet set very well done

Next Competition

Is a toy, anything you fancy it will be judged on usability and quality.

Next Meeting

Will be by John Blake covering hollowing techniques.

August will be Nathan Roberts scroll saw techniques.

September will be Mark Howells and John Blake demonstrating pens and laser engraving.

October will be clock making with John Marshall.

Colby Events

Next National Trust event days will be 19th and 20th July in the Bothy, turning demonstrations and sales.

May AGM 

Minutes of 2014 AGM

Held 8th May 2014 in C21 Foundry House, Orange Way, Pembroke.

1        Welcome and apologies

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7-30 and welcomed all to this the fifth AGM.

Apologies were received from John Marshall, Jean Wilkinson and Paul Johnson.

There were 23 attendees, which was sufficient for a quorum under the Constitution requirements.

2        Comments resulting from 2013 AGM Minutes

There were no comments from last year’s minutes. Jerome Kelleher proposed they were a true record, seconded by Peter Einig.

3        Report by Chairman

John Blake briefly reported on the years activities, covering some of the highlights in more detail.

He gave special thanks to the members for their support and also thanked his committee for their efforts.

John also gave special thanks to Sonya and Mary for their work in providing refreshments at the monthly meetings and thanks to the staff of the 21C centre.

The full transcript of his report is attached as Appendix 1.

4        Report by Treasurer

Richard Smith presented his report; a copy is attached as Appendix 2:

The club is in a sound financial position and able to purchase more essential equipment without the need to increase membership fees.

There were some questions regarding the purchase of club clothing so we present a clearer picture of who we are at events such as Colby and Stackpole where we demonstrate.

It was agreed that the committee would obtain price / size information for T shirts and smocks. Members to choose and pay for selections prior to the order being placed.

Action: John Charnock

5        Election of Club Officers

·       John Blake having reached 4 years in post had to stand down however; there have been no nominations for the vacant post. After some discussion John agreed to stand for a further term of office. There were no objections from the members so John retook the chair and the meeting continued.

·       John Charnock has reached 3 years in post but agreed to continue for another year at which time there will have to be an election for replacement.

6        Expenditure

For some years the members have given the Committee authority to purchase equipment up to the value of £200, after a short discussion the members agreed this could continue.

7        Venue

John Charnock raised this issue as a Planning Application has been submitted for an extension to the present Foundry House facilities to enable extra groups to meet. Parking is already an issue as the existing car park is small and immediately outside the entrance.

During recent hands on experience evenings given by club members to the Lamphey Scout group there were scouts arriving, young gymnasts leaving and an older group of gymnasts arriving. This resulted in what can only be described as a very dangerous situation with injury to a child a worry

The closing date for the Application has passed but John has objected on the basis of safety.

The members discussed the situation and agreed that the present arrangements were unsatisfactory both from the car parking and our desire to have a more permanent area with larger lathes and dust extraction facilities.

It was agreed that the Committee would write to the Town and County Councils as well as developing other options towards this end.

Action: John Charnock

8        Membership Groups

Following our hands on experience sessions with Lamphey Scouts we had several boys express an interest in joining the club but were put off by the flat £30 annual cost. The future of woodturning is dependent on encouraging younger persons to take up the hobby and therefore a more realistic cost is essential.

The discussion by members highlighted some issues around CRB checks as well as Duty of Care and it agreed that further work is necessary to ensure compliance with statutory regulations.

Proposed: Peter Einig

Seconded: Jerome Kelleher

Action: John Charnock

 9        Constitution

To recognise that Peter Einig stood down last year and therefore the position of  Events Manager no longer existed it was proposed that the section headed Committee Para 2 be revised from:

“Committee Officers shall comprise Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Events Manager” to

“Committee Officers shall  comprise Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary”

And also following on Para 5 to be amended from

“Committee quorum shall be THREE” to

“Committee quorum shall be TWO”

Proposed: Jerome Kelleher

Seconded: Nick Falcon

Passed without objection.

10      AOB

·       Purchase of a new lathe was raised by Jerome with greater capacity and power for demonstration evenings, subsequent discussion by members suggested a light and sturdy stand also be included. Further discussion resulted in a preference for a “Jet” lathe.

Proposed: Jerome Kelleher

Seconded: Eddie Edison.

Passed without objection.

·       Funding for hands on evenings was raised by Nathan as they are not self-funding as originally intended and therefore costing members who do not use this session.

After discussion it was proposed that a charge of £2 would be implemented  to cover the session and include a cup of tea.

Proposed: Nathan Roberts

Seconded: Mark Howells.

Motion passed.

11      Competition Prizes

The Chairman’s prize for the most improved turner went to Phil Smith.

The Christmas competition was won by Bert Alexius.

The AGM prize was won jointly by John Charnock and Bruce Wright.

The prize for the best cumulative performance went to Gerald Gardiner.

10      Meeting close

The meeting was closed by the Chairman at 9-20pm.


1.     Appendix 1    Chairman’s Report

2.     Appendix 2    Treasurer’s Report

3.     Appendix 3    Revised Constitution

Appendix 1

Pembrokeshire Woodturners AGM

                                                     Chairman’s Report


Welcome to our 5th AGM of Pembrokeshire Woodturners its hard to believe the club formed in Oct 2009 and our first formal meeting was in May 2010 when club members numbered less then 10.

Since then the club has grown to now close to 40 and we have enjoyed good banter, friendship, challenges and some good demonstrations by professional and club turners, from who, we members   have been able to improve our craft.

For those like me with a failing memory and new members I would like to remind us of the years happenings.

AGM May 2013 Bruce Wright won the Competition prize for the most points during 2012/13

Steve Jaques got the Chairman’s award for the most improved Woodturner

I stayed on as Chairman for another year, with John Charnock as Secretary and Richard Smith as Treasurer, without their invaluable support I believe the club would not function, so my thanks and the members to them both.

June Meeting Demo of colouring techniques by JB using dyes and jo sonja's colours

   Challenge was 3 axis turning winner JB  

July Meeting  Jim a Ranger from Stackpole Estate came to give a talk on woodland management, his work as a Ranger for National Trust and demonstrated safety equipment for use with Chainsaws.


July also saw a much anticipated visit to Slebech Park rganised by Bruce who works there and has a workshop with wood and machinery of interest to members. Bruce did a demo with Chainsaw and supplied wood for us to take away. We were then shown around the grounds by Bruce who is responsible for their upkeep and what a fine job he does too. Helen, Bruce's wife produced a superb lunch on the lawn in front of the main house.A great day out, thank you both for your hospitality.

August meeting John B did a pen making demo with some colouring.

The challenge make a fruit bowl won by Colin Hopkin with Bruce's wood.

September meeting Bert showed us how to make a cup and saucer out of woodturning.

   Challenge was a pen, won by Mark Howells with a Laser    engraved pen.

October Meeting A combined demo by John C and John B of Christmas items which included a Christmas Bell, a Snowman, an Icicle, a Bird house (no bird) and a Fir tree all decorations ready for Christmas.

Challenge was a Cup and Saucer as Bert demonstrated, won jointly by Mike Pannel and Dougie King

November Meeting Peter Einig went through the process of bowl making for beginners and then turned a Natural Edge  bowl describing the set up and tool positioning along with safe working.

Challenge was a Christmas turning won by Richard Smith was it an inside snowman? A fore runner to inside out turning.

December Meeting John B's Demo was a fast and fun session when a Honey Dipper, Christmas Tree, Goblet, Snowman, a small Bowl and a Light Pull were turned in less than 5 minutes each.

The challenge was won by Bert Alexius a Bowl as demonstrated by Peter.

January Meeting Mark Raby who is famous for his wood finishing techniques came along and showed his skill as well as imparting valuable knowledge. Lisa his wife sold members various finishes they market www.markrabywoodfinishing.co.uk

No challenge this month but a critique of members work by Mark

February Meeting John B demonstrated hollow form on a budget using a Spindle gouge and 1/2” scraper. A second piece was shaped cut in two hollowed out and glued back together making a hollow form.

Four equal winners of the challenge of colouring as Mark demonstrated,

   Sydney Braken, Bruce Wright, Gerald Gardiner and JB.

March Meeting Jerome Kelleher did a great job of demonstrating inside out turning and he used 80 grit. He showed the way to mount the wood, shape the outside which would become the inside and then split and re-glue ready to form the outside proper. Do you understand !!you needed to be there.

Challenge won by Dougie King and JB which was a hollow form.

April Meeting Bert Alexius showed how to make a Cruet Holder for the table and then showed how to turn a Natural Edge from a crouch piece of Yew.

Inside Out Challenge winner Gerald Gardiner with a clock mounted inside an inside out turning. Difficult to understand !!

During the year the club has been represented at Lamphey show, Camrose working show, Colby Woodland Gardens, Stackpole Walled Gardens, Botanic Garden of Wales, South Pembs Hospital Day Centre, has had Woodturning taster sessions for Scouts from Lamphey troop and has run the ever popular “Hands On” sessions on the 4th Thursday each month for members and newcomers to sort problems and have that initial go on a lathe, something that helps promote interest in woodturning, the reason why the club was started and I hope will continue to do.

My term as Chairman has come to an end but before I hand the meeting over to John Charnock I want to thank all members who have given of their time to demonstrate, help out at “Hands On”

Do the Raffle and Challenge, those of you who bring along wood for the raffle and everyone who  helps with the clearing away after our meetings. Without your efforts and support the club would not exist.

Thanks to 21c for facilitating our meeting here at Foundry House.

There also has to to be a huge vote of thanks to Mary and Sonya who without fail make the Tea, Coffee and Cakes we all enjoy. 

Thank you.

Appendix 2

Treasurer’s Report for the Financial Year April 2013 to March 2014

Income and Expenditure

The attached spreadsheet shows the detailed month by month figures for the financial year with the resultant excess of income over expenditure being a healthy £668.41.

The figures speak for themselves although I should point out that the ‘unusual’ figure in ‘Income - Club Sales – Hats Etc.’ in January, February and March 2014 represents the payments received for the meal held at The Coach House in February. This was fully funded by the members attending with no cost to the Woodturners account with the expenditure shown ‘Sundries’ in February.

At the ‘Hands On’ evenings a small charge is made for beverages and this helps towards the cost of the room hire which is £7.50 per hour and we pay for two hours.

The ‘Sundry’ items relate to the regular purchase of tea, coffee, sugar and milk with the sum of £21 in December being the payment for the wine and mince pies.  I should point out that no charge is made for beverages on the monthly demonstration nights and the superb cakes are provided ‘free of charge’ buy Mary and Sonya – to whom we owe a very big THANK YOU.

The demo by Mark Raby cost the club £145.

The purchase of tools and equipment have been added to the clubs Fixed Assets with the only major purchase being the dust extraction unit and face visor that are represented as such in the Balance Sheet (see next).

Balance Sheet

I have summarised the annual balance sheets for the years since the club was established in 2010 and a copy of the figures are attached.

As mentioned above, I have accounted for the tools and equipment purchased by the club within the Fixed Assets and, in line with normal accounting practice; I have depreciated them at the rate of 25% year on year.

For the first time since formation, I have included a figure of £168.75 in Creditors in respect of the rent that we owe to Pembroke 21C.  This is because they had not sent me an invoice since October despite being reminded but I am pleased to report this this was settled on the 15th April 2014 and will be reflected in next years figures.

Members will, I am sure, be pleased to see that we have a positive credit balance with NatWest amounting to £1,360.87.

Richard Smith


April 2014

Appendix 3

 Pembrokeshire Woodturners




1. To foster friendship amongst woodturners in the area.

2. To impart knowledge and expand the craft of woodturning.


1. The club shall be known as PEMBROKESHIRE WOODTURNERS.

2. The club shall be affiliated to the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB), and ALL club members are required to be individual members of that association.

3. Branch rules as laid down from time to time by the executive committee of the AWGB shall apply in full to this branch


1. Membership shall be open to any member of the AWGB on payment of the subscription set by the committee and approved by the AGM.

2. The Club Year shall end 31st May.

3. All members may attend all meetings and all activities. Extra payment may be required for some Seminars and Workshops.

4. Potential members may attend two monthly club meetings without charge.

5. All members may attend the AGM and be eligible to vote and offer themselves for election to any office.

6. The Committee has the power to make any person a Life Member or an Honorary Member, provided they are members of the AWGB.

7. Life Membership may be awarded to someone who has made an outstanding long-term commitment to the running of the club.

8. The Honorary Membership may be awarded to someone from outside the club who has contributed significantly to the club in some way. They have full access to the Club’s facilities and events, but they have no voting rights.


1. A committee elected at the AGM shall manage the affairs of the club.

2. Committee Officers shall comprise Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

3. The Committee shall meet as necessary and shall be empowered to appoint sub committees and co-opted members.

4. Co-opted members only have voting rights if approved by the membership.

5. Committee quorum shall be TWO.

6.  The Club Committee shall produce any other rules it feels necessary for the running of the club, with the approval of the members.

7. The Committee shall have the power to suspend any member or members who act in such a manner as to disrupt meetings, events or act in such a manner to bring the Club into disrepute

8.  Tenure of Committee members. Each member shall be elected for a minimum of three and a maximum of four years. The Committee shall organise its affairs so that approximately one third of its members shall retire each year. Retiring members may offer themselves for re-election.

9. Within this rotation process, at no time shall both the Chairman and the Secretary retire at the same time. In the event that this is dictated by the three year rule the two members concerned shall, by the toss of a coin, decide which one shall continue to serve for a fourth year.

10. Cheques drawn on the club account shall require two signatures from any of the two nominated Committee members.


1. The AGM shall be convened within SIX weeks either side of the end of the club year.

2. The date of the AGM will be in the programme card and members shall be reminded in writing or e-mail at least 3 weeks in advance.

3. Motions for the AGM from the proposer, seconder and at least TWO other full club members are to be received in writing or e-mail by the Secretary One week prior to the date of the meeting.

4. Nominations for officers or committee members duly proposed and seconded may be notified in writing or e-mail to the Secretary prior to the meeting.

5. An EGM may be called by resolution of the committee or by written or e-mail request of FIVE members, and shall be notified to all members of the branch at least THREE weeks prior to the date of the EGM.

6.  Motions to change this Club’s Constitution may be submitted to an AGM or EGM if FIVE members support the motion. All members will be notified in writing or e-mail THREE weeks prior to the meeting.

7. Motions shall be approved on a majority vote by eligible members present.

8. A quorum at an AGM or EGM shall be a minimum of fifty percent of the branch membership.

Aprils Pictures

Pembrokeshire Wood Turners meeting 10th April 2014

A good demo by Bert Alexius who showed how to make a cruet holder for the dining table out of a lovely piece of Ash. After refreshments served by Mary and Sonya, thank you both, Bert then turned a natural edge bowl out of a crouch piece of Yew, this was mounted on a sacrificial spigot and held between centres until fairly well balanced. Please see pictures of Berts demo to appreciate his work.

17 members attended this evening, only 3 'inside out' turned items were entered in the challenge,just goes to show how difficult the challenge was this month. It was judged that Gerald's clock was the best piece with Jeromes in 2nd and John B 3rd.

Chairman reminded members next meeting 'Hands on' 24th April and AGM will be on 2nd Thursday in May at 7.30pm when the challenge will be item of turned table ware.

Club members will be in attendance at Colby Woodland Garden on 3,4,5 May for their 'Wood Day'

Committee will be looking for volunteer demonstrators for the coming year, any offers please.

Membership subs will be due 1st May please pay our treasurer Richard.

April's  Winner


Marchs Pictures

Notes of meeting 13th March 14

Chairman welcomed visitors including Jon and Bron Simpson from Norfolk, again on holiday in Tenby, Jon as you may remember had previously demonstrated at the club and writes "Yew turn" which he e-mails to us.  He also brought along a very long and thin turning, nice work Jon !

At Thursday’s meeting club members enjoyed watching Jerome demonstrate inside out turning.  Jerome undertook this technically difficult demo which needed pieces, usually four, to be first squared up on all sides, glued together,  then turned to shape which would eventually form the inside, Jerome stressed that lathe speed was needed to be able to see the "Ghost" image as the shape was formed using a gouge. He also stressed about the dangers of turning square edges and to keep fingers away from these areas. The four pieces were then parted and re-glued with the formed shape on the inside and the outer form shaped.

See pictures. It was intended to be a how to demo and no finishing was carried out.  Samples of the various stages were show to members.  Well done Jerome, needless to say the project for our April meeting is a object of "inside out" turning.

28 members and guests present . Members were reminded of the May AGM and agenda handed to members with no e-mail facilities.

Competition was a hollow form along the lines of last month’s demo, which resulted in shared number of votes for turnings from Dougie and John B.

Hands on 27th March, next full meeting 10th April when our demonstrator will be Bert Alexius who will be showing how to make cruet holders for the dining table.


When items of club equipment and tools are on loan, please ensure they are brought to the various meetings particularly for the hands on evenings so that members can receive tuition with adequate equipment available.

March's  Winner

John and Dougie!

More Pictures kindly from our Visitor Jon Simpson

 East Meets West During Our Annual Pilgrimage, 13th March, 2014

As is often the case, Bron and I went off on our first annual holiday via Kent to Saundersfoot (Pembrokeshire), and we took some really good weather with us. This holiday is well timed to coincide with the second Thursday of the month so that we can pay a visit to out friends at Pembrokshire Woodturners. We didn't know what the demonstration was going to be, but it was a chance to have a relaxing evening with nothing to do. That said, I have since written this full demonstration report, some habits are hard to kick.

We were to watch Jerome Kelleher do some inside out turning. Not a subject often seen as a demonstration, so congratulations to Jerome for taking on the challenge.

Jerome opened with the statement "This is my way, others may be different or better, so take your choice". Using 2 wooden battens that had been screwed edge to edge, Jerome took great care to mark where the screws were with a thick felt tip pen, he also marked the bold outline of where timber was to be turned away. all these marks would be visible while the piece was spinning at high speed. When asked what the woos was, the reply was "Miele packing timber". Turning progressed well into the centre of the piece using a spindle gouge, taking care of the fact that a) there were some hard sharp corners on the move quite close to the tool rest, and b) those corners MUST be preserved for gluing up later.

Having cut away the centre section, it was sanded to help blend in some of the edges with a length of very coarse sandpaper, aka "a 40 grit chisel". The piece was then taken out of the lathe and the fixing screws were removed, whereupon Jerome showed us how the two halves should be re-glued, with the two half turnings now facing each other. after the glue is set, re-mount between centres and trim the diameter at the headstock end so that it will fit inside the chuck jaws so as to help keep the piece intact during turning. At this stage Jerome used a normal live centre in the tailstock, my choice would have been a ring centre which would have helped keep the parts together at the tail end. Commence turning at the tail stock end and reduce the support thickness to a stub which can be parted off later, then start on the centre section and work your way back towards the chuck, aiming to maintain a consistent thickness all the way to the chuck. Some commented that the timber looked a bit rough, but the instant reply was " nothing that 40 grit sandpaper cannot cure".

Jerome was just starting to part off at the tail stock end and "BANG", one half was in the air and the remainder was flopping around in the lathe, the glue had given way. This occurred just as Jerome was preparing to say "hand sand and polish to a good finish, and you have a nice tree decoration.

On to the second project of the evening, an inside-out candle holder. This was made from 4 pieces of timber about 1.5" square and 8" long, all glued together using PVA and a paper joint. Mount the block between a steb and live centre. Again, I would advocate the use of a ring centre to help keep the piece together. Turn away the whole of the centre section as a single large cove. Aim to finish with about an inch in the centre and make sure you preserve all the corners at the ends. How deep into the cove you actually go will very much depend upon how brave you feel you can feel later on. Sand, seal and polish the centre section.

Split the 4 joints open and re-glue the four pieces together with all the turned faces pointing into the centre. When all is dry, drill the end of the blank to take a metal candle holder. Mount between centres again and wrap packing tape round the centre section to help give a bit of extra support. Cut away the waste at the tail stock end (the top) to form the collar and the candle recess. next, work on the area near the steb centre, cutting away the waste and form a foot for the piece to stand on. Finally, work on the centre section, aiming to blend all areas into each other and maintain an even thickness as best you can.

As before, use a 40 grit chisel to get rid of sharp edges. The final stage is to make a jam chuck and reverse the piece, then part off at the base. This is then followed by lots of hand sanding and finishing.

Nice job Jerome, and well done for trying this out

Februarys Pictures

Notes of meeting 13th February 14

This month there were 26 members and guests present.


This month’s demonstration with John Blake covered hollowing techniques:

The first small piece was a pot hollowed using a spindle gouge.

The second piece was a two piece preparation that was glued together to make the final hollow form.

The demonstration did not use the Roly Munroe or other sophisticated systems as they are expensive for those just starting woodturning.

This Month’s Competition

Was won by John Blake, Sydney Bracken, Bruce Wright, Gerald Gardiner in the first ever join winning event, very well done to all                      

Next Competition

Will be a hollow form of any shape or form.

Next Meeting

Will be 13th March, a demonstration by Jerome of inside out turning.


When items of club equipment and tools are on loan, please ensure they are brought to the various meetings particularly for the hands on evenings so that members can receive tuition with adequate equipment available.

Januarys Pictures

Notes of meeting 16th January 14

This month there were 39 members and guests present. This is the most we have ever had for a club meeting thanks to the popularity of tonight’s demonstrator.


This month’s demonstration was by Mark Raby, full and very detailed notes prepared by Richard Smith are attached.

Hands on Meeting 23rd January 2014

In line with normal meetings, the next hands on meeting is next week the 23rd.

Next Month’s Meeting

Will be a demonstration by John Blake covering hollowing techniques.

Scout Experience Evening

Lamphey scout group are coming for two more experience evenings and all members who are willing and able to assist are welcome to come along. The first is the 29th Jan.


When items of club equipment and tools are on loan, please ensure they are brought to the various meetings particularly for the hands on evenings so that members can receive tuition with adequate equipment available.