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We are a group of people of varying competences sharing a common interest in woodturning of all sorts.


Our aims as set out in our constitution are:-


1. To foster friendship amongst woodturners in the area.


2. To impart knowledge and expand the craft of woodturning.




Meeting of the club will be held on Second And Fourth Thursday of the month @7.30 pm, at the Pembroke 21c Foundry House(Foundry House, Orange Way, Pembroke, SA71 4DR).


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March Meeting

March Competition Winner

Gerald Gardiner

Notes of meeting 10th March 16


This month there were 17 members present



The demonstration this month by Jon Simpson who visits our club each year at this time is to make segmented apple.

Jon started his demo by highlighting some basic philosophies that have been good for him:

•Have fun and enjoy your hobby

•Risk – if you do things you know are dangerous manage the risk.


The Apple (an abridged procedure, see photos)


•Shape the basic apple from the solid block

•Use parting tool to prep the ends to fit chuck,( first use side of tool to cut surface fibres)

•Use parting tool to divide block to accept centre segmented section (some sawing will be necessary to fully separate)

•Level the cut edges taking care to ensure edges are completely flat.

•Apply the previously prepared 3 segments to one half of the prepared surfaces, followed by a 6 segment layer and then a final 3 segment layer. The segment layers to be arranged to give a suitable pattern, all segments to be fixed by super glue.

•Finally the other half of the apple is glued in place.

•Shape and polish.

•If desired you can drill from the bottom of the apple to make a Pot Pouri plugging the hole with a plastic stopper.


A Pendant

•The pendant was produced from red Polyester that had been prepared by polishing to 12,000 grit using wet and dry technique.

•Parted a 3 mm disc.

•Glued disc to a mandrill using double sided tape and fixed to lathe and polished cut side to 12,000 as other side.

•Finally fix disc to an offset mandrill and cut an offset hole through which the neck chord will pass.


That conclude a great demonstration that was enjoyed by all, Jon has now given 3 demonstrations over 5 years and in recognition of his effort Jon and Bron have been made Honorary members of our club.



This Month’s Competition

This month’s competition, a Pendant, any shape or size was won by Gerald Gardiner, second Mike Pannel and third Dough King.


Next Competition

The next competition will be a gavel and striking block to be used for the Alan Carrier perpetual trophy to be presented annually at the AGM to the winner of the cumulative point’s winner of the monthly competitions.


Next Meeting

Will be 14th April an informal meeting (walk about).


AOB (reminder)

John C explained the new voting procedure for the monthly competition:

1Entrants will place their items on the table and get a number.

2At break time club members will choose their favourite item and place a tick by the number on the competition sheet.

3At the end of the evening when picking up their entry members are responsible for entering their name on the competition sheet by their number.

4If a member does not enter their name no points will be accumulated for that month’s competition, this will limit their chances of winning the cumulative annual competition in the AGM awards.





When items of club equipment and tools are on loan, please ensure they are brought to the various meetings particularly for the hands on evenings so that members can receive tuition with adequate equipment available.

for the hands on evenings so that members can receive tuition with adequate equipment available.