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We are a group of people of varying competences sharing a common interest in woodturning of all sorts.


Our aims as set out in our constitution are:-


1. To foster friendship amongst woodturners in the area.


2. To impart knowledge and expand the craft of woodturning.




Meeting of the club will be held on Second And Fourth Thursday of the month @7.30 pm, at the Pembroke 21c Foundry House(Foundry House, Orange Way, Pembroke, SA71 4DR).


Woodturners Mess A Round


Some of our Competition entries..


John Blake




John Charnock




Richard Smith




Jerome Kelleher

May Meeting AGM


Minutes of 2016 AGM


Held 19th May 2016 in C21 Foundry House, Orange Way, Pembroke.



1Welcome and apologies

.Apologies received from Jon and Bron Simpson

John Picket

Richard Smith


2 Comments resulting from 2015 AGM Minutes



3Matters Arising



4Report by Chairman

John Blake briefly reported on the years activities, covering some of the highlights in more detail.

He gave special thanks to the members for their support and also thanked his committee for their efforts.

John also gave special thanks to Sonya and Mary for their work in providing refreshments at the monthly meetings and thanks to the staff of the 21C centre.


The full transcript of his report is attached as Appendix 1.


5Report by Treasurer

Phil Smith presented the report prepared by the outgoing treasurer Richard Smith; a copy is attached as Appendix 2.



6Election of Club Officers

Richard Smith as everyone knows has stood down due to time constraints and Phil Smith has taken over in the interim period.

Phil has put himself forward for election, as no other member has put themselves forward his offer was proposed for acceptance by Jerome Kelleher, seconded by Stuart Edwards and accepted unanimously.








For some years the members have given the Committee authority to purchase equipment up to the value of £200 per item, after a short discussion the members agreed this could continue.



Steve Jacques proposed that those attending club demonstrations and selling items make a voluntary donation to the club to help funds. After some discussion a formal proposal by Steve was seconded by Stuart and approved by a majority.


There was then a coffee break to allow members to vote on the competition piece for the AGM award.


9Competition Prizes

After the break the various awards / prizes were presented:


1Cumulative monthly competitions Perpetual Shield awarded for most consistent performance went to John Blake.

2The Xmas competition for a xmas decoration or xmas present went jointly to Phil Smith and Sidney Bracken.

3The AGM competition the “Alan Carrier Memorial Trophy” was awarded to John Charnock.



From next year the cumulative monthly perpetual trophy will include a year’s club membership.


10Meeting close


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9-26pm.




Appendix 1 – Chairman’s Report

Appendix 2 – Treasurer’s Report.



Post Meeting Note




June meeting will be Bert Alexius turning a three cornered bowl and the competition a bowl with pierced decoration either open or filled with contrasting wood.


July meeting will be Bruce carving and the competition a homemade tool or aid.


August meeting John Blake will demonstrate making a Hollow Form, the competition TBA.


October meeting Jerome will do something!




There will be demonstrations at Colby Woodlands Gardens on 29th and 30th May, the club is invited.


Club Trip

JB suggested the club have an evening out with wives to Chapel bay Fort in Angle. This would include a tour of the fort followed by a single course meal, the cost to be decided but possibly £12, numbers to be finalised and a date arranged.


Chairmans Address

Woodturners AGM 19 May 2016


June.Multi demo of sharpening systems Tormec, Pro edge,8 inch grinder with jigs and profilers

Comp Pair of light pulls. Dougie


July.JB demo of texturing and Spiralling using different methods and tools, coloured dyes and waxes were used to enhance the effects

Comp Cake Stand. Arthur Jones


Aug.Demo making lamp bases and copying techniques, drilling centre hole and mounting on lathe

Comp Goblet, decorative or functional


Sept.Colouring and texturing using rotary carver and Jo Sonja colours on ebonies do surface

Comp. Lamp base. Gerald Gardiner


Oct.Leigh Rihanna came along and his demo was lidded boxes followed by a general discussion on the subject

Comp. Natural edge. Bruce


Nov.Sad news of Alan Carrier' death, card of condolence sent to Debbie.

Bert showed us how to make a water lily box, the basic shape can be used for other items like tea light etc

Comp. Wet turned bowl from March comp in finished form Bruce, Gerald, JB


Dec. Demo was a joint effort, Bert made a sanding stick, Stewart a Goblet JB Snowman and xmas tree

Comp Christmas design Phil Smith, JC


Jan.Demo of colouring using different techniques. With regret Richard Smith our treasurer will stand down at the end of financial year. Our thanks to him for his contribution to the club. Phil Smith has agreed to take on the mantle of treasurer with effect from April, thank you Phil. Eddie has agreed to take over The raffle and comes from Phil. Thanks Ed

Comp Hollow form


Feb.Demo by Steve Jacques, making a racing car, lots of different techniques required to complete the project and lots of patience

Comp Natural edge John Charnock


MarchJon Simpson came and gave a demo on making a segmented Apple and an acrylic pendant, Jon comes from Norwich on holiday and kindly offered to do a demo, the club accorded him and wife Bron hon membership.

Comp Pendant Gerald Gardiner


April.Informal meeting, walk about, ball turning, pen making etc

Comp Gavel, sounder and plinth for Alan Carrier memorial to be awarded to top score in monthly comes Dougie's was judged to be the one


That concludes the year’s events, we also held hands on evenings with 8-10 members attending on 4th Thursday monthly.

On a disappointing note there seems to be a general disinterest in club activity at various venues we are as a club invited to attend and show off woodturning to the public. In any other business I will address this issue.


My thanks and also the clubs go with very much appreciation Mary and Sonya for their stalwart efforts to provide us with refreshments on club nights

Thanks to John Charnock our secretary, Richard Smith for his work as past treasurer, Phil Smith for taking over that roll from Richard, Jerome for his work on our website, Sydney for being club photographer, Eddie Eddison for running the raffle and not forgetting Alan for putting the chairs out, helping with set up of lathes etc. and to all who help make the committee job easier. We like to enjoy the evenings as well!!


On a final note I wish to finish my tenure as club chairman at the 2016/17 AGM so someone needs to step forward to take the club onwards.


Thank you

John Blake

Appendix 2


Treasurer’s Report for the Financial Year April 2015 to March 2016

Income and Expenditure

The attached spreadsheet shows the detailed month by month figures for the financial year with the resultant excess of expenditure over income being £37.96 that can be explained by the investment in another lathe and associated tools and accessories.


The ‘Sundry’ expenditure items relate to the purchase of tea, coffee, sugar and milk with the item of £50 in October being the purchase of the Martha’s Vineyard voucher for Bruce as a thank you for his excellent hospitality at Slebech. I should point out that no charge is made for beverages at the monthly demonstration nights and the superb cakes are provided ‘free of charge’ by Mary and Sonya – to whom we owe a very big THANK YOU.


The purchase of another lathe, tools and equipment have been added to the clubs Fixed Assets with the major purchase being the new Robert Sorby Pro Edge and they are represented as such in the Balance Sheet (see next).


Balance Sheet

I have summarised the annual balance sheets for the years since the club was established in 2010 (I have excluded the 2010 figures as they would not fit on the page) and a copy of the figures are attached.


As mentioned above, I have accounted for the tools and equipment purchased by the club within the Fixed Assets and, in line with normal accounting practice; I have depreciated them at the rate of 25% year on year.


The figure of £32 under ‘Creditors Due within One Year’ is in respect of the Room Hire due to Pembroke 21C for the month of March 2016.


Members will, I am sure, be pleased to see that we have a positive credit balance with NatWest amounting to £816.12.



I am sorry that I am not attending the AGM in person and it is with sadness that I have had to resign as your Treasurer after a most enjoyable four years. I am sure that your new Treasurer, Phil Smith, will look after your ‘money’ very carefully and he will, of course, be well supported by the two Johns who I must thank personally for so much help and guidance given to me since I joined as a member. What would the club do without them?


May I wish the club continued success and a very big thank you to all of the members for the support, guidance and friendship given to me over the last few years.



Richard Smith


April 2015