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We are a group of people of varying competences sharing a common interest in woodturning of all sorts.


Our aims as set out in our constitution are:-


1. To foster friendship amongst woodturners in the area.


2. To impart knowledge and expand the craft of woodturning.




Meeting of the club will be held on Second And Fourth Thursday of the month @7.30 pm, at the Pembroke 21c Foundry House(Foundry House, Orange Way, Pembroke, SA71 4DR).


Woodturners Mess A Round


Some of our Competition entries..


John Blake




John Charnock






Jerome Kelleher

April Meeting


General Meeting (2017) Notice of Meeting and Agenda


The 2017 AGM will be held in the Foundry House on Thursday 11th May starting 7-30pm. The proposed agenda for the meeting is as below. Should anyone wish to add to this agenda then per the Constitution:


“Motions for the AGM from the proposer, seconder and at least TWO other full club members are to be received in writing or e-mail by the Secretary one week prior to the date of the meeting.”




2Comments from 2016 AGM minutes


3Matters arising


4Report by Chairman


5Report by Treasurer Welcome


6Election of Club Officers


John Blake has reached the end of his latest 3 year term and is standing down. Nominations are therefore requested for his replacement. (John C has 1 more year to go as Secretary and Phil S 2 more years)




The committee has had authority to spend up to £200 on tools and equipment; is the membership happy to continue with this arrangement.


Following the meeting there will be the presentation of the prizes for the cumulative monthly competition, the Xmas and the AGM competitions.





Notes of meeting 13th April 2017


This month there were 16 members present.



This month’s demo by John Blake will cover finishing and polishing.

John started with the Beale system of polishing wheels. The first wheel loaded with Tripoli abrasive is the most aggressive, followed by white diamond abrasive. White diamond was designed as a Stainless Steel polish.

Finally the surface was sealed by applying Carnuba wax, again with a cloth wheel.

John then finished another bowl with sanding sealer followed by Speed and Easy. This method used on Holm Oak bowl, which is a very hard wood, produced a mirror finish.

The final bowl was finished using John’s favourite Tretex giving good shine and water resistant surface.


An excellent evening with good revision for the more advanced as well as tuition for the newer members.


This Month’s Competition

Building on Jon Simpsons demo last month the competition is a mustard pot.

The winner was Dough King, Second Nathan Roberts and third Sidney Bracken. Well done to all who entered as the standard was very high.


Next Competition

.Will be for the AGM, anything you consider worthy for the Alan Carrier Memorial Trophy, something not previously entered in any club competition



Next Meeting

Will be the AGM, the Notice and Agenda issued during today’s meeting and by e-mail.

Please remember that the Club annual subs of £30 are also due at that meeting, bring gold !!!!




AWGB subs

AWGB subs for 2017 are now overdue.