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Some of our Competition entries..


Rob Dean




John Charnock




Jerome Kelleher

August Meeting


Phil Smith

Notes of meeting 10the August 2017


This month there were 15 members present.



This month we had 2 demonstrations, the first Bruce Wright showed his skill whittling and the tools used. The safety aspects were covered and Bruce showed what happens if you fail to follow good practice by bleeding over his work.

Some of his finished spoons were passed around and everyone was very complementary about the creative and carving skills on display.

Well done Bruce another interesting evening.


The second demonstration by John B was ball making, this time small balls produced by hand not machine.

John started by turning a cylinder between drive centre and tail stock, the sphere was then turned 90 degrees, the spigot ends removed with a saw and the ball then turned to remove eccentricity “shadows”. The ball is turned several times to refine the shape before final sanding.

John then showed how to make the wooden cups to hold the ball.


This Month’s Competition

A segmented item was won by Gerald Gardiner with a segmented bowl second Phil Smith and third John B.


Next Month’s Competition

Produce something you are proud of, there will be a novice and open class again.


Next Month’s Meeting

Next month there will be a bell from John C and Xmas tree from John B. Should any member have an xmas decoration they like, come and show us how to make it.


Future Events Discussion

Axminster Visit 19th August

Jason Breach will be demonstrating next Saturday.

Interested members to make their own arrangements for transport, members taking three or more other members can claim up to £50 expenses from the club, meet at Axminster.


Wood Store

The next hands on meeting day 24th August was proposed and agreed as being the best, members who are unsure of the of the location of the farm to meet at John B home for 2-15 to travel to the site by 2-30, the wood to be distributed the same evening at the club.


Castle Event

We have confirmed pitch at this year’s event, 10 feet wide and 6 feet deep with a 6 feet by 2 feet and 2 chairs supplied, there is therefore space to take additional tables to exhibit more items. The date is 24, 25 and 26 November with set up time available on the 23rd.

Request for a coordinator to control the event and ensure volunteers available for the entire time failed to produce any response.



The ongoing lack of clarity surrounding AWGB arranged insurance is a little clearer following discussions with Zurich.

Public insurance is clear and we all understand terms like do not cause injury to persons or property etc.

Product liability was clarified by Zurich VERBALLY ONLY as ensuring your item does not pose a danger by having no sharp edges or other attachments that will cause injury, also the finishing waxes, oils or varnishes are propriety and used as directed on the container.

However the insurance documents make no reference to wood items at all, John Charnock has made request to both Zurich and AWGB chairman (via John Montgomery) that some clarifying note is issued next year on renewal.

The one sure way of covering yourself is to negotiate your own personal cover with wooden product liability identified.



We are a group of people of varying competences sharing a common interest in woodturning of all sorts.


Our aims as set out in our constitution are:-


1. To foster friendship amongst woodturners in the area.


2. To impart knowledge and expand the craft of woodturning.




Meeting of the club will be held on Second And Fourth Thursday of the month @7.30 pm, at the Pembroke 21c Foundry House(Foundry House, Orange Way, Pembroke, SA71 4DR).