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We are a group of people of varying competences sharing a common interest in woodturning of all sorts.


Our aims as set out in our constitution are:-


1. To foster friendship amongst woodturners in the area.


2. To impart knowledge and expand the craft of woodturning.




Meeting of the club will be held on Second And Fourth Thursday of the month @7.30 pm, at the Pembroke 21c Foundry House(Foundry House, Orange Way, Pembroke, SA71 4DR).


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February Meeting




Notes of meeting 9th February 2017


This month there were 15 members present.


This month’s demonstration by John Blake demonstrated all the steps necessary to produce a Cabriole leg.

For clarity and accuracy John B has prepared the following:-

Cabriole leg turning instructions,

I will refer to the ends as Headstock end being the top of the leg and the Tailstock end being the bottom of the finished leg.

To mark out the Tailstock end draw a line from a flat side to the centre mark, divide this line equally and mark, this is your offset mark. At right angles to this line from the mark draw a line to the edge and mark this point.

Decide the depth of square section at the top of leg and draw a line at right angles to the side of the timber, mark the centre of this line. Now draw a line from the top mark through this line and extend it to the Headstock end of the timber, draw a line from this mark at right angles across the flat end and a line from this line at right angles through the centre mark, where these lines intersect is your offset.

To begin turning set up centres with Headstock and Tailstock ends in the right positions this will make the turning of the Cabriole easier at the Tailstock end. First with a skew chisel form a shoulder at the point the square end finishes, then turn the remainder down to round. At this point turn the Bead to form the bottom of the leg.

Now remount the wood in the offset positions and notice when the lathe is turned on that the leg is out of balance except for where the square shoulder meets the round section, if this is not so a little adjustment may be needed.

Turn the leg down until the "Shadow" disappears but leave about an inch from the bottom bead where a small spindle gouge will form a tighter cut to enhance the foot sand to a desired finish.

Reset in original centres and clean up the foot.

This is a fascinating project, it may take a couple of goes to get the mechanics and marking out right but well worth the effort.


This Month’s Competition

This month’s competition was won jointly by Dough K and by Gerald G


Next Competition

The next competition will be a cabriole leg.


Next Meeting

The March meeting will see the return of our old friend Jon Simpson with his wife, he will be turning something called "A Hot Topic" and if time permits, "A Handy Addition to a Common Place Item".


AWGB subs

Please remember your AWGB subs for 2017 are now overdue.


February Pictures