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We are a group of people of varying competences sharing a common interest in woodturning of all sorts.


Our aims as set out in our constitution are:-


1. To foster friendship amongst woodturners in the area.


2. To impart knowledge and expand the craft of woodturning.




Meeting of the club will be held on Second And Fourth Thursday of the month @7.30 pm, at the Pembroke 21c Foundry House(Foundry House, Orange Way, Pembroke, SA71 4DR).


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March Meeting

Notes of meeting 9th March 2017


This month there were 15 members present.



This month we had the return of Jon Simpson from Norwich club

Jon started off by making his “Hot topic” – a Mustard Pot. Jon and Bron live in Colemans mustard territory and his design is very attractive and a nice twist on this everyday condiment item. I do not intend to describe the turning process as Jon has an excellent website “Wood Be Nice” that describes the entire process in detail. He generously allows downloading of his projects freely, so rather than reading my short version go and get you’re your own directly!!!!!


A handy addition to a common place item was a replacement pan handle. This demonstration if you are familiar with Le Creuset pans or have a set was a really useful and practical topic. Jon started with a suitable wood blank (there are two lengths of handle in the Le Creuset range), bored a hole to go over the threaded handle support and then shaped the outer surface of the handle. Finally the ends were shaped to engage the anti-turn fitting and the threaded fixing eye on the end.


Jon always gives an excellent demonstration with a different topic each year, this year was up to the normal high standard and enjoyed by all. Many thanks once more.


This Month’s Competition

This month’s competition, a cabriolet leg was won jointly by Mike Pannell and Bruce Wright and second Dough King.


Next Competition

Building on Jon’s demo it will be a mustard pot.



Next Meeting

Will be a demo by John Blake covering colouring, finishing and texturing.



AWGB subs

Please remember your AWGB subs for 2017 are now overdue.