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Rob Dean




John Charnock




Jerome Kelleher

May Meeting


Minutes of 2017 AGM


Held 11th May 2017 in C21 Foundry House, Orange Way, Pembroke.



1Welcome and apologies

.Sidney Bracken

Richard Smith

2 Comments resulting from 2016 AGM Minutes



3Matters Arising

The topic of training for potential demonstrators was discussed and basically the lack of members willing to undertake the course meant that local class was unavailable, the AWGB have offered an alternate course in the west country for the one member willing to participate.


4Report by Chairman

John Blake briefly reported on the years activities, covering some of the highlights in more detail.

He gave special thanks to the members for their support and also thanked his committee for their efforts.

John also gave special thanks to Sonya and Mary for their work in providing refreshments at the monthly meetings and thanks to the staff of the 21C centre.

As previously reported in last month’s meeting notes John was standing down after many years as Chairman and following his report he vacated the chair and joined the members. John Charnock thanked him for his efforts in starting the club, being the driving force to build up the membership and raising the standards of turning within the club. We now have a good membership and a club in strong financial position well respected in the local community popular for demonstrations at local town and village shows.


The full transcript of his report is attached as Appendix 1.


5Report by Treasurer

Phil Smith presented the financial accounts for the club covering in detail some changes to depreciation of small items to reflect more accurately the resale costs. The bank balance once more shows a healthy

at £1526.


Copy of balance sheets attached as Appendix 2


6Election of Club Officers

There were no volunteers or nominations for a new Chairman, the position therefore remains vacant. John Charnock offered to attempt to undertake the role of Chairman until a replacement was found and would advise AWGB of the situation.



For some years the members have given the Committee authority to purchase equipment up to the value of £200 per item, after a short discussion the members agreed this could continue.




•Jerome K suggested that the club had over the years lost some of its vitality and drive and that a revised format for club evenings was needed.

The varying skill levels between members was also a factor in what people got from a demonstration

After discussion it was agreed that we would consider travelling to Axminster in Cardiff to see other demonstrators as well as seeing the latest tools etc.Action: John B

And review what other clubs were doing and possibly join them for demonstrations. Action: John C

Investigate video evenings showing new techniques

Action: Jerome K


•Due to holidays there would be no meeting for 8th June 17 C21 to be advisedAction: John C


•A hand on meetings for May and June would go ahead in C21 and would be coordinated by Nathan Roberts, the July hands on is in John B workshop.Action: Nathan R


•AWGB area representative John Montgomery to be invited to club to give information as to other clubs activities etc. to assist us in revitalising the members interest.


There was then a coffee break to allow members to vote on the competition piece for the AGM award.


9Competition Prizes

After the break the various awards / prizes were presented:


1Cumulative monthly competitions Perpetual Shield awarded for most consistent performance went to Dougie King.

2 The Xmas competition for a xmas decoration or xmas present went to John Blake

3The AGM competition the “Alan Carrier Memorial Trophy” was awarded to John Blake



The cumulative monthly perpetual trophy will include a year’s club membership, well done Dougie.


10Meeting close


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9-15pm.




Appendix 1 – Chairman’s Report

Appendix 2 – Treasurer’s Report.


Appendix 1


Woodturners AGM 2017


JUNE. Bert Alexius demonstrated a 3 cornered bowl, using London Plane also known as Lacewood.

comp. Pierced bowl won by Doug King.


JULY. A tour of Chapel Bay Fort with a meal had been arranged for £15 a head but no takers. No meeting in July.


AUGUST Bruce Wright did the first half of the evening doing a carving demo making among other things a splendid Cockerel and Shelf Gnome.

Steve Jaques variations of pen turning in the second half.

Comp. Home made tool that you have found useful Gerald Gardiner.


SEPT. I covered Hollow turning using the Roly Munro tool and normal turning tools.

Comp. Carving, won by Rob Dean who carved a pair of seated gentlemen.


OCT. Jerome Kelleher covered the steps needed to make Goblet with a copper stem insert. One out of the ordinary!

Comp. Hollow form won by Bruce Wright.


Nov. I showed how to process wet wood into rough bowl shape ready for drying, then made an Owl on an eccentric chuck.

Comp. Goblet with copper insert in the stem, Bruce Wright.


Dec. Christmas festivities, Nathan Roberts brought his Sorby sharpening system and showed its attachments.

Comp. An Owl won by me as the only entry, thanks for being kind !!


Jan. Bruce Wright showed how he prepares bowl blanks using grease to slow the drying and to promote spalting

Comp. Winner, Gerald Gardiner.


Feb. I showed the marking out and turning of a Cabriole leg.

Comp. Won this time by Doug King


March. Our old friend Jon Simpson from the Norwich club showed his method of making a Mustard pot with a glass insert and wood spoon.

Comp. A Cabriole leg, nicely turned and won by Mike Pannel


April. Finishing and polishing by me using the Beal system, then using Sanding sealer and after Speed and Ease.

Comp. Mustard pot, well done Doug King.


Throughout the year we have held Hands On evenings on the 4th Thursday each month when members can come to get help with various turning issues.

My thanks and the Clubs must go to Mary and Sonya who supply the cakes and make the tea and coffee at out main meetings. Thanks also to 21c for their hospitality.

Special thanks to our stalwart Secretary John Charnock, our new this year Treasurer Phil Smith who has not had a good introduction with our bank who took a long time to realise he was a different Smith from Richard our last Treasurer and also with the AWGB who have new officers for our region and also send Phils Mail to Richard.

Hopefully these issues have now been resolved, to Jerome Kelleher for organising the web site and to all our members who help with setting up and clearing away after our meetings. You have all made my tenure as Chairman from 2009 when we started the club to present an enjoyable one. The club has seen many new faces and I hope encouraged them to enjoy our art form. We have seen the standard of work improve to the point where it would stand against best in the turning world. I am always impressed by the entries for our competitions.

In standing down as your Chairman as I gave you notice at last years AGM I wish our new Chairman whoever they may be and Pembrokeshire Woodturners every success in the future, I will of course remain as an ordinary member and be available to do the odd demo.

Thank you all.


Treasurer’s Report for the Financial Year April 2016 to March 2017


Income and Expenditure


The attached spreadsheet shows the detailed month by month figures for the financial year with the resultant excess of expenditure over income being (1209-645.78=£563.22).

This figure does not balance with the difference between the opening and closing balance (1525.82-816.12=£709.70).

The difference being that at year end 31/03/17 there is £146.48 more in the bank account than I can account for at present.

I must apologise for the incomplete details on the income and expenditure sheet which is the fault of my incomplete book keeping and late preparation of the accounts.


The ‘Sundry’ expenditure items relate to the purchase of tea, coffee, sugar and milk. I should point out that no charge is made for beverages at the monthly demonstration nights and the superb cakes are provided ‘free of charge’ by Mary and Sonya – to whom once again we owe a very big THANK YOU.




Balance Sheet


I have summarised the annual balance sheets for the year.


I have amended the figures for the fixed assets, lathes and accessories for 31/03/16 as the lathe purchased was £250(1176+250=£1426) and the accessories £325+68(879+393=£1272).

For this financial year I have applied 25% depreciation to the lathes as in previous years however for the accessories I have reduced the value to be a more realistic market value.


Debtors for the year include raffle £20,club subs £20 and AWGB subs of £108.

Creditors are room hire Jan-March to 21C of £96, insurance of £65.65 and AWGB payment of £378.


Members will, I am sure, be pleased to see that we have a positive credit balance with NatWest amounting to £1525.82.





mustard pot.

The winner was Dough King, Second Nathan Roberts and third Sidney Bracken. Well done to all who entered as the standard was very high.


Next Competition

.Will be for the AGM, anything you consider worthy for the Alan Carrier Memorial Trophy, something not previously entered in any club competition



Next Meeting

Will be the AGM, the Notice and Agenda issued during today’s meeting and by e-mail.

Please remember that the Club annual subs of £30 are also due at that meeting, bring gold !!!!




AWGB subs

AWGB subs for 2017 are now overdue.




Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting will be held at Pembroke 21c, Foundry House, Pembroke on Thursday 25th May at 7.15pm to elect a new Chairman to take over from John Blake who stood down at the clubs AGM.

Please make every effort to attend this important meeting.

The usual Hands on Meeting will follow this EGM

John Charnock. Secretary Pembrokeshire Woodturners


May EGM Minutes

Notes of EGM held 25-5-17

Appointment of new chairman


John Charnock (secretary) confirmed there were sufficient paid up members present to constitute a quorum.


1.Meeting opened 19-15 hrs.



2.Appointment of Chairman


At the AGM John Blake stood down from his position as Chairman, there were no candidates as replacement and the office was left vacant.

Following discussions Rob Dean has now agreed to offer his services.

His offer to he be considered for the position as Chairman is proposed by John Blake and seconded by John Charnock.

The proposal was considered by the members and accepted by all present.


3.Key Holder for Foundry House


The key holder for the C21 building has to be a C21 member at a cost of £5 per annum, John B used to be the holder but no longer wished to do so.

Nathan Roberts volunteered to undertake responsibility for the hands on nights but is not a C21 member. To avoid the financial loss it was proposed by John B that the club cover that cost for Nathan. Members accepted the proposal.


4.Meeting closed 19-30



Post meeting note


The competition for the next full meeting on 13th July (Remember there is no June meeting) will be anything with a “Summer Theme” and there will be 2 categories 1, Novice and 2.Experienced. The choice of category is up to the individual entering his item.


The July meeting will be a brainstorming session to collect ideas for the topics and structure of future meetings, this is part of the new chairman’s direction for the club. Please make all efforts to attend.



Phil Smith

We are a group of people of varying competences sharing a common interest in woodturning of all sorts.


Our aims as set out in our constitution are:-


1. To foster friendship amongst woodturners in the area.


2. To impart knowledge and expand the craft of woodturning.




Meeting of the club will be held on Second And Fourth Thursday of the month @7.30 pm, at the Pembroke 21c Foundry House(Foundry House, Orange Way, Pembroke, SA71 4DR).