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1.       The club shall be known as PEMBROKESHIRE WOODTURNERS.

2.       The club shall be affiliated to the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB), and ALL club members are required to be individual members of that association.

3.       Branch rules as laid down from time to time by the executive committee of the AWGB shall apply in full to this branch



1.       Membership shall be open to any member of the AWGB on payment of the subscription set by the committee and approved by the AGM.

2.       The Club Year shall end 31st May.

3.       All members may attend all meetings and all activities. Extra payment may be required for some Seminars and Workshops.

4.       Potential members may attend two monthly club meetings without charge.

5.       All members may attend the AGM and be eligible to vote and offer themselves for election to any office.

6.       The Committee has the power to make any person a Life Member or an Honorary Member, provided they are members of the AWGB.

7.       Life Membership may be awarded to someone who has made an outstanding long-term commitment to the running of the club.

8.       The Honorary Membership may be awarded to someone from outside the club who has contributed significantly to the club in some way. They have full access to the Club’s facilities and events, but they have no voting rights.



1.       A committee elected at the AGM shall manage the affairs of the club.

2.       Committee Officers shall comprise Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Events Manager.

3.       The Committee shall meet as necessary and shall be empowered to appoint sub committees and co-opted members.

4.       Co-opted members only have voting rights if approved by the membership.



1.       To foster friendship amongst woodturners in the area.

2.       To impart knowledge and expand the craft of woodturning.




1.       The AGM shall be convened within SIX weeks either side of the end of the club year.

2.       The date of the AGM will be in the programme card and members shall be reminded in writing or e-mail at least 3 weeks in advance.

3.       Motions for the AGM from the proposer, seconder and at least TWO other full club members are to be received in writing or e-mail by the Secretary Oneweek prior to the date of the meeting.

4.       Nominations for officers or committee members duly proposed and seconded maybe notified in writing or e-mail to the Secretary prior to the meeting.

5.       An EGM may be called by resolution of the committee or by written or e-mail request of FIVE members, and shall be notified to all members of the branch at least THREE weeks prior to the date of the EGM.

6.       Motions to change this Club’s Constitution may be submitted to an AGM or EGM if FIVE members support the motion. All members will be notified in writing or e-mail THREE weeks prior to the meeting.

7.       Motions shall be approved on a majority vote by eligible members present.

8.       A quorum at an AGM or EGM shall be a minimum of fifty percent of the branch membership.

Challenge Rules 2012-2013

5.       Committee quorum shall be THREE.

6.       The Club Committee shall produce any other rules it feels necessary for the running of the club, with the approval of the members.

7.       The Committee shall have the power to suspend any member or members who act in such a manner as to disrupt meetings, events or act in such a manner to bring the Club into disrepute

8.       Tenure of Committee members. Each member shall be elected for a minimum of three and a maximum of four years. The Committee shall organise its affairs so that approximately one third of its members shall retire each year. Retiring members may offer themselves for re-election.

9.       Within this rotation process, at no time shall both the Chairman and the Secretary retire at the same time. In the event that this is dictated by the three year rule the two members concerned shall, by the toss of a coin, decide which one shall continue to serve for a fourth year.

10.     Cheques drawn on the club account shall require two signatures from any of the two nominated Committee members.

·       The monthly challenge will be along the lines of the previous month’s demo.

·       There will also be a separate challenge on the AGM and CHRISTMAS meetings which will be an open category and have not been entered before, and the club will be putting up a prize for these.